2 Bucks and Change Trailer

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Sep 4, 2019 at 10:41 PM
Posted by Takao
A new DHX pilot from the creator of Kid vs. Kat.

When starry-eyed, 12-year-old Bucky is inadvertently shot 30 years ahead in time, he’s shocked to discover the messy, hopeless state of his 42-year-old self, Buck: fat, balding and still living in his childhood bedroom. Definitely not the future he imagined. With no apparent way home, Bucky resolves to make the most of the situation for him and his future self. Armed with a long list of Buck’s past failures, the 2 Bucks are determined to right everything that went wrong, living life their way: BIG, BOLD and BUCKED UP! Cliff-trampolining, all-night zorbing parties, adopting a vicious hugging-bear as a pet - you name it, they’ll attempt to redo it - TOGETHER, with the help of their thrill-seeking, newfound friend Peggy Peebler.

But time travel can have strange aftereffects, and they soon discover that for each action taken, there’s an equally unexpected and hilarious reaction, changing not just themselves, but the environment around them.
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