Launchpad Theme Song Takeover ✈️ | DuckTales | Disney Channel

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Mar 27, 2020 at 5:01 PM
Posted by superkeegan9100
Launchpad grabs the controls and crashes the DuckTales theme song! He may have forgotten most of the words, but he is determined to land this song!

Life is like an aeroplane, here in Duckburg.
Airplanes, airplanes, AEROPLANES!
It’s a duck blur.
Might fly an airplane, or crash that airplane!
AIRPLANES! Uh, DUCKTALES! Now I’m on a boat with Dewey. DUCKTALES! WOO-OO! Hey, a scooter! WHOOPS! Kablooey!
DUCKTALES! WOO-OO! I’ll catch up in a sec or two.
Guys, look out, some guy’s behind you!
Even worse, here comes the key change!
DUCKTALES! Woo-oo! Jump in the plane for the refrain.
DuckTales! WOO-OO! Wait, ducks have tails,
I just got that, that’s why the name of the show is
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