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All Hail Saturday Morning Cartoons! Relive the magic of the antenna TV cartoons of yesteryear, from the dawn of Saturday Morning cartoons on the original Big 3 networks, to their evolution with Fox Kids and Kids WB, to the twilight days of the Saturday Mornings with Toonzai and Vortexx, it's all here! This board is home to any "over the air" classic children's cartoon that doesn't have it's own forum


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I love seeing a story come full circle. Russell Dauterman getting to recreate his own artwork from 11 years earlier as an official X-Men 97 variant cover.

Well, just created a new actual blog on Dreamwidth to go along with my Tumblr. Link will be in my signature!

Man, Twitter kids and their dumbest takes....
been thinking about those moves and additions adult swim made recently (getting superman, unicorn, checkered past, an aqua teen revival, and 5-8 pm). The character limit will choke me but I have a whole theory that this was all a way to better compete with FXX when their existing major shows had either switched sides or were in jeopardy

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