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I love how The Naked Gun films list bit parts by their line of dialogue. I wish more films did that rather than generic "Guy 1", "Woman on street", etc.
Seven years ago, Nintendo’s third and final new console of the 2010’s decade - the Nintendo Switch - was released to the public eye.
Okay, so I definitely need this coloring page from Disney Channel Japan.
Vuxovich wrote on GRPHX's profile.
@GRPHX According to a rumor, the reason why the Transformers: Robots in Disguise anime was dubbed was because Hasbro imported the attendant toyline from Japan. But I believe that Saban dubbed it themselves since Hasbro went uncredited. What do you think?
Why is everyone so vehemently against the idea of recasing voice actors? In the 606s and 70s, this happened quite a bit, but now even suggesting replacing a voice actor is seen as blasphemous by fans. I don't get it

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