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  • I wouldn't even wish a company to go bankrupt just because the new head is the current head of one of the company's TV channels whose show should've ended earlier than later.
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    People sent a man death threats because he didn't write Spider-Man the way they wanted. We're way past basic human decency when it comes to fandom.
    Yep and I did this status post in response to @DogBoneController's comment towards Paramount due to an upcoming change of management.
    Sorry, @Fone Bone but the worst DC show for me is Teen Titans Go, not Titans. I'm just getting tired of the constant backlash towards the latter and no, petitions rarely work.
    I take my comedies rather seriously. You guys too young to know what the worst DC show is?
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    I'm 45. Tell me.
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    And if you are gonna try and throw Superfriends at me, that won't fly. Titans is FAR than Super Friends.
    The Reason Why I choose the Disney's One Saturday Morning Name instead of ABC Kids it’s because I don’t want to confused it with the other ABC Kids, The one that airs The Australian Peppa Pig
    I was right that the merged company which will be formed from Warner Media and Discovery Communications will keep the names of both companies like NBC Universal and Viacom CBS, though part of me does think Disney Fox could've been a good rebrand for Disney following the merger/acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox aside from the fact that the Fox name is under Fox Ent., which has Fox, Fox News and Fox Sports.
    NBC (NBC Kids)
    7:00am - Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures
    7:30am - The High Fructose Adventure of Annoying Orange
    8:00am - ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks
    8:30am - Pink Panther and Pals
    9-11am - Weekend Today (Not Part of NBC Kids)
    11:00am - The New Woody Woodpecker Show
    11:30am - Pat Sullivan's Felix The Cat (A.K.A The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat)
    FOX (Viz Kidz TV)
    7-8am - Local Programing
    8:00am - Digimon Adventure (2020)
    8:30am - My Hero Academia
    9:00am - SSSS. Gridman
    9:30am - Johnny Test
    10:00am - Gundam Build Divers Re Rise
    10:30am - Naruto
    11:00am - Dragon Ball Z Kai (Ocean Dub)
    11:30am - Power Rangers Dino Fury
    CW (Vortexx)
    7:00am - Nature Cat (E/I)
    7:30am - Cubix Robots For Everyone (E/I)
    8:00am - Dragon Ball Super
    8:30am - Beyblade Burst Surge
    9:00am - Ben 10 (2017)
    9:30am - Bakugan Geogan Rising
    10:00am - Pokémon Journeys The Series
    10:30am - Sonic Boom
    11:00am - Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens
    11:30am - Transformers Cyberverse
    CBS (Nick on CBS)
    7:00am - SpongeBob SquarePants
    7:30am - The Loud House
    8:00am - It's Pony
    8:30am - Ollie's Pack
    9-11am - CBS This Morning: Saturday (Not Part of Nick on CBS)
    11:00am - Paw Patrol (E/I)
    11:30am - Blues Clues & You! (E/I)
    hi here are some schedules I made
    ABC (Disney's One Saturday Morning)
    7-9am - Good Morning America (Not Part of OSM)
    9:00am - Mickey Mouse's Mixed Up Adventures (E/I)
    9:30am - Big Hero 6: The Series
    10:00am - DuckTales
    10:30am - Big City Greens
    11:30am - The Owl House
    12:00am - Amphiba
    12:30am - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (a.k.a Star The Clone Wars Wars)
    Hi So One man punch is ending soon. Is there news if boruto will return to the toonami lineup. I really want to see that show also they have no english dub of the episodes that have not aired on toonami yet that are online.
    I wonder why the forum is now unavailable on Tapatalk.
    Basically, Harley had to upgrade the forums to XF 2.1 and Tapatalk is not yet compatible with it, but once it's been updated to work with it, it will be back.
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I'm currently watching Alex Bale's video about Goofy Goober, and it definitely goes into strange places, but it's quite interesting to watch.
I'm currently watching the livestream for DC Kids Fandome on YouTube. Batwheels comes out next year, and apparently, Batman: Caped Crusader and My Adventures With Superman come out in 2023. There's also a scene from DC Superhero Girls 2019 of Diana asking Barbara to not be friends with Harleen, and we see the Joker. Hopefully, there's an article that talks more about this.

The winner of this matchup is Mickey's Tale Of Two Witches, which got 4 votes. The Book Of Life got 3 votes. Now we move to round 4, the final round. The matchup is between Scooby Doo On Zombie Island and Mickey's Tale Of Two Witche

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