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  • CBS (Nick on CBS)
    7:00am - SpongeBob SquarePants
    7:30am - The Loud House
    8:00am - It's Pony
    8:30am - Ollie's Pack
    9-11am - CBS This Morning: Saturday (Not Part of Nick on CBS)
    11:00am - Paw Patrol (E/I)
    11:30am - Blues Clues & You! (E/I)
    hi here are some schedules I made
    ABC (Disney's One Saturday Morning)
    7-9am - Good Morning America (Not Part of OSM)
    9:00am - Mickey Mouse's Mixed Up Adventures (E/I)
    9:30am - Big Hero 6: The Series
    10:00am - DuckTales
    10:30am - Big City Greens
    11:30am - The Owl House
    12:00am - Amphiba
    12:30am - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (a.k.a Star The Clone Wars Wars)
    Hi So One man punch is ending soon. Is there news if boruto will return to the toonami lineup. I really want to see that show also they have no english dub of the episodes that have not aired on toonami yet that are online.
    I wonder why the forum is now unavailable on Tapatalk.
    Basically, Harley had to upgrade the forums to XF 2.1 and Tapatalk is not yet compatible with it, but once it's been updated to work with it, it will be back.
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Talk about production issues.

Can't wait for the Succession spinoffs for all these other major company deals.
The Cuphead trailer looks absolutely superb. Now all we need is an update on the Bone animated series.
Finishing up Metroid Dread by acquiring everything only to be disappointed when the last energy tank and missile you needed an Amiibo.
Today's my birthday! :D
Can't wait for the party this weekend!

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