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  • I know TZ needs the ads for $, but wow do they play so much. Click it to stop it, but then not too much longer another one plays! Oh TZ ;)
    I've decided for Halloween, I'm going to dress up as "you" (reader). :) -- It'll sure scare everybody -- like dressing up as myself does!
    So much for backing up stuff. Stupid DNSUnlocker continues it's ad rampage. Making it difficult to enjoy numerous sites such as Toonzone...
    Looney Tunes Fan
    Looney Tunes Fan
    Have you tried getting AdBlock Plus for Chrome? Not sure if it'll work for ads such as what you explain, but it's an option. Malwarebytes and Super Anti-Spyware are also helpful programs to scan through your computer just in case DNSUnlocker left any residue behind.
    This DNSUnlocker is annoying. Uninstalled it (W7), doesn't appear as an extension on Chrome, and the ads still appear, everywhere. A Curse.
    Finally finished the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle series (Seasons 1 and 2) - first started 2 years ago~ Movie and OVAs, next! Fun series
    If there was an award that this forum could detect the user who edits the most, I'd likely be a recipient of that award.
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Anybody else have trouble accessing the forums?
Pluto TV has a Garfield and Friends channel. My childhood wanted you all to know that.
It's great for the forums to return back again. I have some important International TV news that occurred few days ago, I need to post it.

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