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Happy 25th anniversary to ITV2 as the channel began broadcasting on this day 25 years ago.
I have officially turned 27.
I’m sorry, but I still can’t let go of Wish not doing well at the box office. It‘s making legs a little bit, but it’s hopeless. I hope it does better on DisneyPlus like Encanto did.
Today marks the 21st Year Anniversary of (the "formal" premiere of) Codename: Kids Next Door. This series is one of (if not) my favorite Cartoon Network show(s) and I remain hopeful that Tom Warburton's wish for the sequel series to eventually see the light of day becomes a reality.
RIP Norman Lear. Titan of a man. So many indebted to him and don’t even realize it.

These anti-semites bashing a war hero and a comedy hero will only continue to live as a plague on this earth.

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