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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet News and Discussion Thread

    So how is everyone liking the game? I liked it despite the buggy animation. I’ve only defeated three gyms and one titan so far.
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    Unpopular Opinions - Video Game Edition

    Honestly, Pokémon Legends Arceus didn’t appeal to me.
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    Why Did You Choose Your Current Avatar Version 4.0

    I chose Gholdengo from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It might honestly be my favorite from this generation. It’s so totally radical.
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    Strange World (news and discussion)

    And even if it does flop, it’s not going to be the end of Disney.
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    What is CN's most forgettable acquisition?

    What about Pecola? I had to look up its name because I forgot.
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    Live Action TV Shows That Went Downhill Due to Actors Aging

    Two and a Half Men with Jake. He was fine as a younger kid, but when he was an older teen acting as dumb as he was, it was groan worthy. I also agree with The Goldbergs. Although I like it I think it should have ended last season. It’s kind of ridiculous that everyone is still acting like...
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    Elementals (2023 Pixar Movie)

    Love the character designs.
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    TALKBACK - Craig of the Creek - "Craig to the Future" [11/7]

    This was already a plot point in the Pokémon parody episode (the one with the tadpole). Maybe it’s foreshadowing for the series finale (which would be sad).
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    Codename: Kids Next Door did some very good parody episodes. What parodies would you would've liked to have seen when it was on?

    Back around 2006 or 2007, there was a rumored list of episodes, one of them called Operation ISLAND. In my headcanon it was a Lost parody. I don’t have specific ideas, but at the time it sounded like a good idea.
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    Cartoons you found too visually garish to watch?

    I know this is a cop out, but Problem Solverz. The mix of bright colors and horrid character designs made the show a chore to watch.
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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet News and Discussion Thread

    Gimmighoul is adorable. What version is everyone planning on getting? I’m getting Scarlet, based on everything I’ve seen and heard.
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    Animation that has aged well

    I was just thinking the other day how Scooby Doo feels a bit ahead of its time by making Daphne and Velma equals in solving mysteries.
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    Things in animation that haven't aged well

    I know I saw this as a younger kid (early to mid ‘90’s), but I don’t know how, where, or why. For some reason I can see those characters in my head clear as day, but I can’t specifically name any plots.
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    Aaron Carter Dead At 34

    I didn’t really know him much outside of the soundtrack to Rugrats in Paris. R.I.P.

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