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I am glad become one of most cartoon network lover in indonesia. 30th anniversary for me many such learn while my yound kids only likes cartoon network show and become most leader of cosplay party what i build of the campaign than many one making anime team cosplay.

this is become you lessons to make like this in new york comic con next week, i see you...
I saw the rest of the cartooniversary live-stream and I thought it was amazing! 26 shows, bumpers from CN's past, a lot of other shows being represented through said bumpers and the fake commercials, and seeing CN's opening event was also a good book end. My biggest complaint is that they should've looped it properly from the beginning.

Well at least they acknowledged that they messed up. #BackToTheLabAgain.
This morning at 5 AM, I tune into the Pluto TV Garfield and Friends channel, and find they're showing Garfield His 9 Lives. Man, that laboratory bit is as messed up as Peter Griffith said it was.
Ok, so apparently the CN live-stream wasn't supposed to loop where it did and there was stuff after We Baby Bears, including Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, a VILLAINOUS SHORT, Checkerboard stuff, and what I can only assume is an episode of Steven Universe....

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