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  • Your daily reminder that Cartoon Brew is not a reliable source for information. The merger between Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros Animation seems to have been done as a way to streamline the quality of work between both studios. At least, that's what I'm presuming it to be until I'm shown otherwise.
    New prediction: Zaplak or however you pronounce his last name is either going to step down or the people at Warner Bros are going to force him to. With how many money and value they've already lost, it wouldn't surprise me if the dominoes are lining up for this to happen.
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Looks like there is some good news!

I speculate this third pandemic winter could end up being it's very last one, ever (we don't need to have too many).
Went to TGI Friday's for my birthday yesterday. Had a great time there despite the chilly weather in Leicester Square.
I've officially turned 26 years old.

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