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i just found out that william tell is a switzerlandish folk hero and not a real person

all this time i thought he was a composer how named the overture after himself because he had a big ego...
It's a lot harder to not spend money when every single store I went into yesterday had a Ghibli section...
Hey, just noticed the Ace Ventura cartoon is on Amazon Prime! Bad news: It's cropped to widescreen so it's all zoomed in and cramped. Plus... it looks DVNR/scrubbed to heck and back?
Oh, and I guess Happy Hanukkah to all the Jewish users on this website!
I have to read ALL of Attack on Titan now just so I can be in a chatroom laughing at Chapter 139 in less than a month from now. Dammit, I wanted to read Death Note first...

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