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    What is CN's most forgettable acquisition?

    you guys remember League of Super Evil?
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    US TV Channel Discussion Thread

    Just learned Speedvision, the cable channel bought by Fox and then rebranded as 'Speed Channel' and later 'Fox Sports 1', is coming back in the form of a FAST channel for services like Pluto TV or Plex...
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    FXX Fantasy Schedules

    uh sure: WEEKDAYS 6am - movie 8am - another movie 10:00am - duncanville (RIP) 10:30am - bless the harts 11pm-1pm - the cleveland show 1pm-3pm - king of the hill 3pm-5pm - futurama 5pm-7pm - the simpsons 7pm-9pm - bobs burgers 9pm-12pm - family guy 12pm-2am - archer 2am-4am - cake 4am-6am -...
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    WarnerMedia sold to Discovery Networks, renamed Warner Bros. Discovery

    I would love if they made Boomerang a FAST service with the plethora of animation they have. But knowing them, it'll probably end up like how the TV channel for that brand is today.
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    After years and years of XD avoiding this certain franchise for whatever reason, The Proud Family Movie airs on Saturday the 10th at 7pm. Maybe the series will air on the channel at some point?
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    General Broadcast/Free-To-Air TV thread

    wildbrain should've bought qubo. would've been a perfect fit.
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    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    CN anniversary prep, maybe?
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    What if Comedy Central went to Time Warner?

    it would be 2% funnier
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    he probably means new to Disney XD.
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    iirc most nick shows like hey arnold and even rugrats were re-rated tv-g once they aired on teennick's 90s block.
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    Yu-Gi-Oh is coming to Disney XD next month. This show and this channel just refuse to die, don't they?
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    General Broadcast/Free-To-Air TV thread

    The ABC subchannel Localish (formerly the Live Well Network) is now available for free on Tubi TV. Different schedule from the OTA feed, but at least it doesn't interrupt the regular schedule with local infomercials. But yeah, this is great for me as someone who can't get a good antenna...
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    General Broadcast/Free-To-Air TV thread

    IIRC, MTV2 was offered over-the-air in some territories from 2001-2015
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    General Broadcast/Free-To-Air TV thread

    From Variety: Story TV’s programming will include off-net series that originally aired on networks like A&E and History Channel, including “Biography,” “The Men Who Built America,” “World War II in HD,” “Modern Marvels,” “Mankind: The Story of All of Us” and more. Each day will center...
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    knowing nickelodeon.....never

    knowing nickelodeon.....never

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