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Well at least they acknowledged that they messed up. #BackToTheLabAgain.
This morning at 5 AM, I tune into the Pluto TV Garfield and Friends channel, and find they're showing Garfield His 9 Lives. Man, that laboratory bit is as messed up as Peter Griffith said it was.
Ok, so apparently the CN live-stream wasn't supposed to loop where it did and there was stuff after We Baby Bears, including Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, a VILLAINOUS SHORT, Checkerboard stuff, and what I can only assume is an episode of Steven Universe....

For me, the new CN USA look sucks, although I do like its logo animation. Even if some users hate RYW because of its epilepsy and the "next" bumpers, I will still retain it. It's part of my branding.
The last time Cartoon Network aired Looney Tunes and/or Tom and Jerry (i.e. the classic shorts) was on September 29, 2017, just two days shy of the channel's 25th anniversary.

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