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Check out @RandomMe 's Skills Of An Artist on The Drawing Board!

They're Mer-rific!
It's interesting how this Gabby's Dollhouse song has the same title as a Sesame Street song.

I don't get why Warner Bros. is so strict about not having Tom and Jerry talk, and then constantly surround them with other animals (including other cats and mice) who do talk. Why can the other animals talk, but not Tom and Jerry? All this does is put a limit on what can be done with the characters. T&J should be allowed to talk at least some of the time.

The promo for Nickmas 2022...

My only concern is will these other shows return for Christmas airing, regardless of current state Nick channels?
Happy birthday to the late Kevin Conroy. His portrayal of Batman was the 1st portrayal of the character I witnessed and remains the definitive portrayal of the Dark Knight in my eyes. May he rest in peace.

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