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    "HBO Max (Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming Service)" News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    Discovery got Discovery Plus on Prime and Roku on day one, so they seem to play nicer with Amazon and Roku than Warner was doing, Warner pulled the Prime channel last year, because of they wanted more of the revenue. Won't be surprised if it also shows up on Roku Channel , Like Discovery Plus too.
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    "HBO Max (Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming Service)" News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    You can now watch HBO Max through Prime Channels
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    WarnerMedia sold to Discovery Networks, renamed Warner Bros. Discovery

    That'd or they'd have to bring back HBO GO for the cable subs... so it'd make more sense to stay on status quo and still keep cable auth. I mean, I would have preferred them to make up a new word or something, I prefer a quirky name. But I am happier with Max than adding the Warner name at...
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    "Rolling Stone's top 100 tv theme songs of all time" talkback

    It's all subjective in somewhere to say Best or not , and really I think they did a good job trying to make sure multiple decades in a list of 100, that's hard as heck. It's subjective so it's more interesting to see a thought . Anyway, my thoughts Songs I think are too low on the list...
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    The Channel Screenshots Thread

    HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade final edition Dec 5, 2022 (R.I.P Best AM show) IFC 2022 IFC credits IFC promo Freeform 25 days of Christmas credits Freeform 2022 FX 2022 NewsNation 2020 KBYU-TV / BYU-TV
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    WarnerMedia sold to Discovery Networks, renamed Warner Bros. Discovery

    I think Max would be a good name, it's not as creative as a special name like Hulu or Peacock or Tubi, but it's not bad.
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    "Peanuts" Specials broadcast rights/schedule (UPDATE: Not renewed by PBS in 2022)

    Apple TV Plus now has "I want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown" and "Charlie Brown Christmas Tales" (the ABC broadcast fill the hour to air Charlie Brown Christmas unedited but with more ads special) so all 4 Peanuts Christmas specials are on there
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    The Channel Screenshots Thread

    BBC One Christmas Idents 2022
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    Disney+ News & Discussion Thread

    Disney Plus acquired Tokyo Revengers season 2, but I'm not sure if it's going to be in the US, or more Disney Plus jail like how Summer Time Rendering has been, hopefully they'll Hulu it like the article suggests. Disney+ Acquires Tokyo Revengers Season 2
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    The Channel Screenshots Thread

    AMC airing an old Fox Family Film that's owned by Disney abc with Christmas logo
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    Post random pictures

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    Bob Iger back as Disney CEO; Bob Chapek out

    I'm hoping Comcast gets the courage and tries to buy the rest of Hulu instead. (I'm a madman)
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    "Paramount+ (Streaming Service)" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    That's why the show has gotten like 3 spinoffs.
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    "Freeform (Formerly ABC Family)" Network Talkback (Spoilers)

    Took Freeform a while, but they have finally changed the logo to the new one on their site They also updated the Roku App (the old logo is still on the channel logo when you press it though)
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    "Peacock (NBCUniversal Streaming Service)" News and Discussion (Spoilers)

    NBC owned Regional Sports Networks are coming to Peacock

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