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    Names that arent as common as they used to be?

    Here is the address to the Social Security Administration's World Wide Web site where users may check the popularity of given names:
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    The Garfield Show - Series Talkback

    I have watched most of the new episodes of "The Garfield Show" since the Cartoon Network began presenting them on February 28th, 2011. I liked the program since its first run by the Cartoon Network. It may not be as great as "Garfield & Friends", but it's still an interesting and entertaining...
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    Do you wear glasses or contacts?

    I wear glasses primarily for driving. I realized I needed glasses upon taking a eye test at a local driver's license office. I was told by a relative years earlier I needed glasses after I could not read the time displayed on a TV screen from a far distance. I wear goggles and sunglasses, too...
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    Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network Series Talkback

    I hope you don't mind the TV ratings (especially the larger ones) and promotional graphics during the cartoons. After watching them today, I refuse to record anything I don't have in my collection and lose their opening titles until the Cartoon Network finally stops displaying these unnecessary...
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    garfield show?

    I'm sure the person who started this topic was simply asking for personal feelings about the show and nothing more. There should be no thing complicated about this topic. Were you referring to the writer named Mark Evanier (he came to my mind first), Dexters Lab? If so, the answer is yes.
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    What Did You Buy/Get This Month - February 2011

    I purchased Donkey Kong 64 online last Wednesday and its expected delivery date was March 3rd, according to the Postal Service of the United States. It has not arrived yet. Update: the game arrived on Friday.
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    Civility and the Internet

    Why did you choose the negative term above rather than "mean person"?
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    I always thought it was because Bugs was more familiar with another pronunciation of Hansel ("Han-sel" rather than "Hon-sel").
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    Wall St. Journal Gets With The Times

    I found the last sentence from the column disrespectful. Why not just use first names and last names together in all references? In broadcasting it may consume more time, but for newspapers it would be helpful for readers unfamiliar with the subjects and it would help writers avoid having to use...
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    Cartoon Network 2010 Rebrand Talkback.

    I hear that music in my mind every time I think about the programming promotions from 1995, when I first got the Cartoon Network. I liked the announcement recorded for the video.
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    Civility and the Internet

    Has the Internet changed your perception of civility in society? Reading messages on various message boards and weblogs have left me with feelings of hopelessness, as many people don't care what they post online just as many people don't care what they say to other people and the feelings they...
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    Sad RIP to this forum member

    They have a forum for discussing other animated cartoons and topics unrelated to cartoons. This did not help the forums very much, since the recent controversy started there.
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    Sad RIP to this forum member

    Those forums enlighten me as a reader and an occasional poster and fill me with hopelessness for people who regularly express themselves very negatively on message boards. This banishment is one more negative point against those forums and it could discourage anyone else from wanting to join and...
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    TALKBACK - Regular Show - "Rage Against the TV" - [2/14]

    I don't like this sort of humor and the program is better without it.
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    Online radio stations you like to listen to

    I usually listen to WTMK, which has video game music (mostly from the Mario games) and variations of such music. It was started for The Mushroom Kingdom, a Mario site.

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