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  • Got reply By Tania Gunadi, my indonesia voice actor in bahasa.

    support rise of teenage mutant ninja turtles has be reaired in nickelodeon asia at 3:00 start tuesday at 29 august 2022.

    i Still don't understand, why my country (indonesia) was really anticipate to release Villainous in south east asia, even this show only release on latam and japan.

    is same like many out there many cn fans from my homeland too want infinity train release in here. there's so many cn modern fans but sadly only few they know old renaissance cn

    Ps: Subscribe my friend youtube channel, he talk more a lot cartoon network show in bahasa indonesia
    Hello guys, check out my OC art with Kid Cosmic and Cuphead

    Goodbye Kid Cosmic and Hello Cuphead Show

    Ps: Cuphead art is not final, i still making new revision
    Late say Merry christmas all
    Starting watch Kamp Koral First Time. thank god my childhood vA came back again.
    What do you think about Mobile Legend Animated Series Debuted on September only on southeast asia tv?

    I Hope Varian Delta is not exist, so i can watch The Paw Patrol Movie On Cinema.

    Anyway Today is my birthday.
    This is Ridiculous! my favorite MOBA turns out become animated series (beat DOTA, LOL etc)
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    but DOTA got a tv series...
    i talking about moontoon tencent dude. and know what i mean about they moba
    So #savetheowlhouse trending worldwide even come to my country who did'nt celebrate this tweet.

    about this trending, anyone had news about Glitch Techs?. this is show what i miss know more about season 3
    I don't know what the big deal is - The Owl House will very likely end on a high note, IMHO.
    Being honest, I kinda have an objection to things like this, good news that it otherwise sounds like for everyone here (which, I'm sure it is, because maybe lasting more than 2.5 seasons, but not too long, doesn't sound like an issue if we can trust the writers to keep up the good work, of course.).
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    where i can find dreamworks forum site in animesuperhero forum?. please give me link, because i was wanna report anything about dreamworks channel in asia.
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Happy Birthday Cartoon Network!
Here's a rare Peanuts character she was the last new character added, and was only in 10 days of strips, Naomi, she first appeared October 1, 1998
Happy 1st day of October AND happy 30th anniversary to Cartoon Network!
happy 30th birthday Cartoon Network
It's interesting how Barbie: It Takes Two has recast 5 characters. Brooklyn Barbie & Rafa are voiced by Tatiana Varria & Nicolas Roye instead of Amber May & Alejandro Saab. Chelsea is voiced by Anna McGill instead of Cassidy Naber & Natalie Lashkari. Trey is voiced by the late Billy Kametz instead of Eamon Brennan. Whittaker Reardon doesn't have a credited voice actor, but it's not Johnny Yong Bosch.

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