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  • “I love Valentine's Day
    And the Fourth of July
    I'm a little bit sad
    When Halloween has gone by

    I'm thankful Thanksgiving
    Comes around in the fall
    But I've always loved Christmas
    The best of them all

    Everyday's special
    I'm not complaining
    But I'm always counting
    The days still remaining...
    'Til Christmas!”
    Probably should’ve said this last night (it just came to me) but it’s still the first day so I will say it.

    Happy Hanukkah!!
    there was this....gif i once saw on the train on someone's phone and it involved two cartoon vultures kissing, they looked like they were from some sort of '40s cartoon. been trying to find that cartoon since...thought it was "What's Buzzin' Buzzard?" by Tex Avery but it isn't. Great cartoon though.
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The rumors of Josh Keaton's cameo on a certain animated series have me intrigued. I'll be amazed if it happened.
How am I supposed to do therapy? How do I avoid turning them into coloring book sessions?
Ugh, I was having such a nice day yesterday, and this morning I have something wrong with my throat.
StrikersSeventyOG wrote on RegularCapital's profile.
Good news according to my friend in the Philippines with proof. Sky Cable will continue beyond and Postpone or not proceed to complete the acquisition of SKY CABLE to PLDT. WBD's Channels like Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, HBO, etc. will continue to watch beyond.
Anyone ever come across the movie Nickelodeon and think, "Burt Reynolds made a movie about the children's network?".

Also, don't get me started about the Raul Julia movie Kiss of the Spider Woman not having anything to do with the Marvel Comics character.....

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