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  • Tomorrow marks ten years since Cartoon Network ceased broadcasting in English to Portugal.

    Tracle is currently down because the engineer is away and left the site rotting, but you can still watch my unfinished three-part documentary from 2019 reflecting on it.

    Parts 2 and 3:

    CN EMEA/Africa, always in our hearts...
    I can't help but find it surreal knowing that this year is the 25th Year Anniversary of Darwin the Merman, the show that stemmed from a dream and was never even picked up by a channel. As we say in Portugal, "dream commands life".
    Copyright problems with another YT user have made me rethink my strategies especially since I have hours of locked YT content over four channels (RME was my main one) that are still trapped since they blocked my account two and a half years.
    YouTube is technically broken at this stage, copyright issues with smaller YouTubers are apparently unsolved, either from companies or from impersonators. I got hit by two strikes from impersonators in 2018, but luckily enough I dodged them.
    A&W Restaurants USA is repeating their Halloween The Onion Ring stunt for the second (third?) time running.
    As of 2022, CN's campaign against bullying is still using the logo it had since its inception.
    The latest video of the campaign has the RYW graphics, even though CN USA is ditching the look. Likewise the campaisgn's logo uses a font CN used heavily in the early 2010s and doesn't seem to use a lot anymore,
    Sent the free-form counter-notification and checked back to see the result. For now it's favorable thanks to my thorough rewording. I'm hoping YouTube will successfully restore my channels and content after 26 months of hard work.

    Stay tuned for further information.
    This week I'm likely set to return to YouTube after a two-year absence, because I found the missing link in the retraction to restore my channels. Hint: it's related with WBD but won't show the e-mail address for obvious reasons.
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The rumors of Josh Keaton's cameo on a certain animated series have me intrigued. I'll be amazed if it happened.
How am I supposed to do therapy? How do I avoid turning them into coloring book sessions?
Ugh, I was having such a nice day yesterday, and this morning I have something wrong with my throat.
StrikersSeventyOG wrote on RegularCapital's profile.
Good news according to my friend in the Philippines with proof. Sky Cable will continue beyond and Postpone or not proceed to complete the acquisition of SKY CABLE to PLDT. WBD's Channels like Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, HBO, etc. will continue to watch beyond.
Anyone ever come across the movie Nickelodeon and think, "Burt Reynolds made a movie about the children's network?".

Also, don't get me started about the Raul Julia movie Kiss of the Spider Woman not having anything to do with the Marvel Comics character.....

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