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I'm disappointed that Strange World is underperforming at the box office, but I'm even more disappointed that some people are actually reveling in it. I saw a YouTube video titled "Disney/Pixar's Super Woke Strange World Bombs Worse Than Expected!" Strange World's not Pixar, dodo. Therefore I know not to click on your hate video since it's clear you don't know what you're talking about.
He's the most popular artist on The Drawing Board, so I hardly need to pimp @Palk Áron 2002 's Arts.

But his banners are so spiffy I'll pimp them anyways. Give them a second (or third) look.
About @Frontier's concern on the recent DCEU plans in the shared universe's thread, while I understand his worries, I really hope it doesn't mean it's the end of non-DCEU content like the DTV animated films.
Oh, and I feel like I should add: contrary to Bart's accurate calling out of Comic Book Guy's nitpicking when this show was on network TV, I PAID for Disney+ to watch The Simpsons, thank you very much, so I think I'm entitled to a certain level of customer satisfaction. Maybe it's because it's cheap, because HBO Max certainly delivers, and boy, that one's pricey.

This quote used to be a hilarious meme I'd use to counter salty fanboys. But now that I've seen it in context of the episode... yikes. No wonder the Simpsons went downhill when the writers thought so little of what garbage they're feeding their audience. Meanwhile, South Park...

Also, ironically, this quote felt far more obnoxious than most of SP's lines because of the context.

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