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  • I never thought Cartoons went bad. I'm just saying that Nick went bad. that's all! I actually think we're going a golden age of cartoons (both TV and Movies) FYI.
    when you ask a question whether any nicktoons show aired in other countries, did you search those using google before posting the question to any international thread? google has many search tool
    Hello, on Nicktoons easter thread, you typed tuff breakup two times posted. Did you see that?
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been thinking about those moves and additions adult swim made recently (getting superman, unicorn, checkered past, an aqua teen revival, and 5-8 pm). The character limit will choke me but I have a whole theory that this was all a way to better compete with FXX when their existing major shows had either switched sides or were in jeopardy
I’m back. Temporarily.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was released 35 years ago today.
Remembering one of my favorite cover homages. Art by Chris Jones

Thought my illness had left; not quite. My throat is no longer hurting, but I am congested a bit. Hopefully it goes away soon.

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