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  • Hi everyone.
    I wanna talk abut something important.

    The thing is that I will be visiting this forum from now on extremely often.

    The reason is that I found some users too critical, some of them too harsh. Plus, I like different things.

    Yeah, I know, people have different opinions. But, opinions drive me nuts. I go bonkers cause of them. This forum is a drama battlefield.
    Sending good vibes to you. Suddenly me grousing about stupid posts on the site in my recent profile post seems unimportant.
    Hi guys.
    Our country is now on the line of survival.
    Multiple Rocket Attacks, Blackouts, and tons of Air Sirens.
    Yep, this is like a survival now. And yeah, yesterday was not a good day to me.
    Hi Guys.

    Just wanna say that from now on, I wont be visiting forum pretty much everyday anymore.

    Is safe for me to say that is slowly becoming a pit full of acid for me. (because I kinda don't like few users, their decisions, and opinions).

    Ill probably will make later a article about expanded decision, but for now, that's all I can say.
    Now that the September Disney premieres are out, I hope that TOH finale comes out either in October or November.
    So guys, last week I told you that I'm gonna tell you something.

    So here it is.

    I don't know how bout you, but I was thinking leaving AS, but I have a feeling that I don't want to.

    The thing is that I have a feeling that the forum became really childish. And it just getting worse.

    Man, I kinda miss 2010's when this place was super active.
    Guys, big help needed! Which episode of Howie Mandell's Animals Doing Things aired on Disney XD on July 2? If anyone knows it, help would be appreciated!
    Maybe it's a repeat?
    Nope. It was a premiere. The thing is Zap2it wasn't working, and TV Passport did not show the name of the episode. We know, however two names for future episodes. Purry in Pink, which will air this Saturday, and Sheepless in Seattle, which will air Next Saturday. Maybe you can check the Wikipedia article for this show to find the answer?
    thats weird, i wonder why thefutoncritic doesn't list what new episode airing at Jul 2? . in order to see zap2it, you have to clear the cache (i did clear cache for one hour) in order for zap2it to work. this has been happening for months i believe.. i cant find how to check on wikia since i cant find it .... sorry

    if there would've been new episode they could've post it on thefutoncritic... strange.
    Don't be mad at me, but I wanna finish The Owl House and Amphibia together, so ill be not watch Amphibia series finale next Wednesday. Instead, ill be waiting till The Owl House series finale (which I hope, it will air this fall) and watch them together. While I will wait, I will watch the 2017 literation of Ducktales. Thank you all for understanding my opinion.
    @Vuxovich Several MMP episodes got earlier premieres in Russia (episodes such Itsy Bitsy, Ariel Force One, Toast of the Town etc) rather than in US, hence why Russia ending season early (or series, if it won't be renewed for season 2).
    Just the reminder that Middlemost Post season (or series) finale airs today in Russia. Here's hope that Nickelodeon will renew this series, but hey, they're only obbesed with SpongeBob, so I may not be sure.
    Im guessing the rest of Middlemost Post airing in Russia, might be on verge of shutting down Nick Russia, due to Russia war of Ukraine, but I'm guessing the shutdown could be temporary.

    As for Middlemost Post fate, we will have to wait on Nick upfront for this, which would be Mar 24
    Hi everyone, another update. RN, im in Mukachevo, one of my neighbours live there.
    Im unsure whats gonna be after that. My dad is still thinking where we will be going next. That decision wont be made till later today or tommorow.
    And yeah, 3 explosions were seen in Dnepr today. Hopefully, my dad, brother, grandma and all of my relatives will be okay.
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I just want to say that I totally called it that Diamond White could voice Moon Girl 3 years in advance.

Today i learned that David Cronenberg (The Fly, Scanners) has a son who’s also a director and i saw a very psychedelic arthouse film made by him called Infinity Pool. I hope he becomes a more high profile director some day.

I wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t watch arthouse movies though. It’s also very adult-oriented if you know what i mean
Update on the M&M's situation. He has reliable sources in this video.
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is there any chance you are stoonsarchvie/sheetposter

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