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Posting less going well. No warnings for anything so I think the board agrees. Still present for everything and DO read what you guys say. But if I see something I don't like I keep my damn mouth shut. It's for the best.
20 Years ago today, Discovery Kids on NBC launched , it was my first introduction to Discovery Kids. I didn't have digital cable so I didn't have the channel. I liked Trading Spaces: Boys vs Girls. Tutenstien, Kenny the Shark, Time Warp Trio, Darcy's Wild Life.
Reading about Shea Fontana and watching this video with Ann Austen makes me want to see them collaborate on a project someday.

Ok... I got Sky Evo..

Also thats also means....
I am glad become one of most cartoon network lover in indonesia. 30th anniversary for me many such learn while my yound kids only likes cartoon network show and become most leader of cosplay party what i build of the campaign than many one making anime team cosplay.

this is become you lessons to make like this in new york comic con next week, i see you...

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