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  • I know James Lopez storyboarded some episodes of Princess Power, but I had no idea he storyboarded the recurring travel song. It's definitely interesting to see the rough animatics and the final version side by side.
    Honestly, I thought that Muppets Mayhem was meant to be a miniseries.
    Same. I'm not upset by this news since I was never expecting a second season. I figured that show was a one-and-done. What would they even do in another season?
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    I'm pissed. I loved that show. Best Muppets project in decades.
    Maria Estrada is the queen of Disney Junior voice directors. She's directed many shows produced by different production companies for almost 20 years. Some examples include Wildbrain (Higglytown Heroes), Nelvana (Handy Manny season 3, Lucky Duck), Brown Bag Films (Doc McStuffins, Vampirina season 3), Titmouse (Goldie And Bear season 2), and Disney Television Animation (Alice's Wonderland Bakery).
    You ever watch a show/movie with a strong dynamic between 2 female characters, and you ship them even if the narrative presents their relationship as a strong friendship that you still like? I've done this, like with Cleopatra In Space (Cleo and Akila), Alice and Rosa (Alice's Wonderland Bakery), Lunella and Casey (Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur), and Kira and Rita (Princess Power).
    What do Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby Doo Meets Courage The Cowardly Dog and Curious George: Cape Ahoy have in common? In terms of story, character, target audience, and message, they have nothing in common. In terms of behind the scenes information, both were released in September 2021, have Wes Gleason as voice director, have Frank Welker and Jeff Bennett in major roles, and Shane Glines as a character designer.

    This image from the Wall Street Journal about Disney has a statement from Bob Iger, where he said that Bob Chapek was "killing the soul of the company."
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    Iger: Chapek is killing the soul of the company.

    Me: Hell yeah, he is! Say what you will about Micheal Eisner, at least he didn't burned as many bridges compared to Chapek.

    Iger: I agree. We should owe Eisner an apology.

    Me: Definitely.
    Michael Goguen certainly has an interesting portfolio when it comes to working at Mattel. He was supervising director for most of the Barbie movies from 2015-2017. He was a consulting director for Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. He's currently a consulting producer for the new Monster High show.
    This is a really good joke.

    Apparently this is from a 1983 episode called Wizards and Warlocks, definitely much wittier and more creative writing than I associate with this era of Hanna-Barbera.
    OH jeez I thought that was edited
    Would the Minnie's Bow Toons shorts technically be the longest running show from Disney Television Animation? They came out 11 years ago today, and are still making them. However, after November 2016, they stopped making them, and didn't make anymore until April 2021 (when it was renamed to Minnie's Bow Toons: Party Palace Pals). That would technically mean it's been running for 7 years.

    Cristina Milizia has definitely made a habit of cosplaying characters she's played. First was Jessica Cruz from the 2015 DC Superhero Girls, then Charlene from Victor And Valentino, and how Poison Ivy from the 2019 DC Superhero Girls.
    The Polly Pocket episode "Don't Judge A Bookworm By Its Cover" and the Deepa And Anoop episode "Prepare The Bear" both have one shot characters voiced by Brian Drummond (the bookworm and Gordy the bear respectively). However, when I hear both of them, my mind goes "Is that Fred Tatasciore as the character?"
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