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  • So both movies are tied with 2 votes each. I can't think of which one I like more, so the one with the highest IMDb score moves to the next round. That movie is Scooby Doo Frankencreepy. The next matchup is between Surf's Up and Wish Dragon.

    Jenny Lorenzo sounds good, but it's a missed opportunity to not have Cristina Milizia voice a character named Christina.

    The winner of this matchup is Winnie The Pooh 2011, which got 2 votes. My Little Pony Rainbow Road Trip got nothing. The next matchup is between Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman and Scooby Doo: Frankencreepy.

    The winner of this matchup is Operation Zero, which got 6 votes. House Of Bloo's got nothing. The next matchup is between the 2011 Winnie The Pooh movie and My Little Pony: Rainbow Road Trip. The latter is just barely an hour long, but it still qualifies.

    So I've never seen this show, but I wouldn't be surprised if Daran Norris used his J. Jonah Jameson voice when he played this character.

    The winner of this matchup is Kung Fu Panda, which got 2 votes. Mulan got 1 vote. The next matchup is between "House Of Bloo's" from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and "Operation: Zero" from Codename: Kids Next Door.

    The winner of this matchup is The Muppet Movie, which got 3 votes. Follow That Bird got 1 vote. The next matchup is between Mulan and Kung Fu Panda.

    I didn't think she could do a higher pitched voice. Then again, I didn't think she could do a grandma voice, but she did.

    So today is apparently Brooklyn's birthday. Now the recent YouTube videos about her birthday make sense (a music video yesterday and a vlog today).
    I think David Kaye might've done additional dialogue for Deathstroke in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract due to the death of Miguel Ferrer. I mean, he also replaced him as Vandal Savage in Young Justice and Stretch Monster in Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters.
    It would be kind of interesting to see Mainframe Studios do more collaborations with other companies. I mean, they've made good looking projects with Mattel Television (Barbie movies and shows) and DreamWorks (Madagascar A Little Wild, Team Zenko Go). It'd be fun to see them up with Warner Brothers Animation or Disney Television Animation.
    Streaker Prower
    Streaker Prower
    I wished that Mainframe worked on Transformers Earthspark, Mainly because Mainframe worked on Beast Wars and Beast Machines.
    I'm not surprised that Icon Creative Studios is working on Transformers Earthspark given how they worked with Nicole Dubuc (one of the executive producers) on The Rocketeer (a Disney Junior show she developed).
    The Polly Pocket episode "Big Babies" and the Barbie It Takes Two episode "Triple Threat" are different in terms of plot and message. They're similar in how they're both good episodes where the characters act really immature.
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Happy Birthday Cartoon Network!
Here's a rare Peanuts character she was the last new character added, and was only in 10 days of strips, Naomi, she first appeared October 1, 1998
Happy 1st day of October AND happy 30th anniversary to Cartoon Network!
happy 30th birthday Cartoon Network
It's interesting how Barbie: It Takes Two has recast 5 characters. Brooklyn Barbie & Rafa are voiced by Tatiana Varria & Nicolas Roye instead of Amber May & Alejandro Saab. Chelsea is voiced by Anna McGill instead of Cassidy Naber & Natalie Lashkari. Trey is voiced by the late Billy Kametz instead of Eamon Brennan. Whittaker Reardon doesn't have a credited voice actor, but it's not Johnny Yong Bosch.

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