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  • This is probably the most Disney Junior news I've reported in a day.

    PACE stands for "Positive Attitude Changes Everything". Signing out with SPACE still works since the S can stand for "super".

    I don't know why, but Renee's design here reminds me of Musa's design in Winx Club season 4. It's also a bit distracting to have Shannon Chan Kent basically use her Youngmee voice from Littlest Pet Shop (or given that Matter is involved, the voice she would later use for Lila in Polly Pocket). Also of note, this is the only time she's not voiced by Stephanie Sheh.
    It's interesting how, of all the shows that Titmouse worked on from start to finish (and they weren't replaced by someone else nor did they replace someone else), their longest running show would be TOTS, which will end with 75 episodes when the final episodes air in June.
    I think Sheriff Callie's Wild West and Goldie And Bear are the only Disney Junior originals to switch production companies. Callie season 1 was done by DHX Media (also known as Wildbrain) while season 2 was done by Wild Canary. Similarly, Milk Barn Entertainment worked on Goldie season 1 while Titmouse worked on season 2.
    So apparently, Rachel Ruderman has been the new co-executive producer/head writer of Minnie's Bow Toons since last month (as revealed on LinkedIn). She replaces Cassie Brower, who had the role from January 2020 to February 2022.
    So there's a Young Justice episode written by Jim Krieg & Giancarlo Volpe. I wonder what it's for? (Looks at Twitter) Well I did not see that coming.
    Apparently, there's a podcast starring Squirrel Girl coming out, with Milayna Vaintrub reprising the role.

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    Nice to hear her as Dorren again (and it's a continuation of the actual Squirrel Girl comic).
    I didn't expect the Disney Junior YouTube channel to put out a promotional trailer, but it looks good.

    So Ben Bates posted another storyboard for a fight scene in Avengers Assemble. It seems like whatever episode this was in toned down the impact since Black Panther hits Crossbones against a sink rather than hitting him in the stomach like in the clip.

    So I haven't seen Barbie: Princess Adventure (as well as most of the vlogs) , but I find it interesting how Amelia is voiced by Erica Lindbeck, who voiced Barbie before America Young took over.
    I'm currently at episode 3 of Barbie It Takes Two, having just watched the Big City Big Dreams movie a few days ago. I'm already loving what I see.
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Happy Birthday Cartoon Network!
Here's a rare Peanuts character she was the last new character added, and was only in 10 days of strips, Naomi, she first appeared October 1, 1998
Happy 1st day of October AND happy 30th anniversary to Cartoon Network!
happy 30th birthday Cartoon Network
It's interesting how Barbie: It Takes Two has recast 5 characters. Brooklyn Barbie & Rafa are voiced by Tatiana Varria & Nicolas Roye instead of Amber May & Alejandro Saab. Chelsea is voiced by Anna McGill instead of Cassidy Naber & Natalie Lashkari. Trey is voiced by the late Billy Kametz instead of Eamon Brennan. Whittaker Reardon doesn't have a credited voice actor, but it's not Johnny Yong Bosch.

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