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  • So it's been years since I've actively watched the Pokemon anime, and I just stumbled upon this random clip. It'll be interesting to see how Sarah Natochenny and Zeno Robinson dub this scene into English since it's already bizarre in Japanese.

    Dan's Revenge
    Dan's Revenge
    That's... interesting. Except for briefly watching 'some' Sun & Moon on DXD, I haven't kept up with the dub (midway through Hoenn) aside from how terms of culture are implied. To the point, I wonder if they'll use 'curry' in the dub.
    I think Erica Lindbeck voicing Mera & Siren in DC Superhero Girls 2015 was an intentional choice. Less than a year prior, she voiced Barbie in Barbie: Dolphin Magic, where she both befriended and pretended to be a mermaid, which is also a type of sea creature. Mattel was involved in both projects, and Collette Sunderman voice directed on both projects.
    As someone who watched the show since the beginning, this made me cry tears of joy. We're not even at the finale yet (which is next week).

    March 19 will be the first time since the summer of 2020 (specifically the period from July 11 to August 29) where The Owl House and Amphibia will have premieres on the same day.
    Now it makes sense that Stevie Wermers Skelton is a storyboard artist on Alice's Wonderland Bakery. Besides the usual method of people who worked on classic Disney shows and movies now working on Disney Junior shows, she worked with Frank Montanga (the art director and co-executive producer) on 1990s Disney movies like Tarzan. Frank was also art director for The 7D and Elena Of Avalor.

    I don't recall if it was said that Sonic Prime will be CGI, but this tweet from Wildbrain seems to confirm it.
    Ninjago is really setting itself to be the longest running action show

    I do like how the Netflix Jr YouTube channel has put out music videos either about specific shows or have many shows together. This one is fairly charming. It reminds me of the ones that Disney Junior and Nick Jr do.
    Having 5 episodes of The Ghost And Molly McGee on Disney Plus and Disney Now on the same day while Alice's Wonderland Bakery has 6 episodes out makes sense. The initial uploads are about putting up 25% of the season on day 1. Molly season 1 is 20 episodes, so 5 episodes makes sense. Alice season 1 is 25 episodes, so putting up 6 episodes works since 24% is very close to 25%.
    I'm currently writing my review of the first episode of Alice's Wonderland Bakery while watching Strawberry Shortcake Berry In The Big City in the background. I have one food themed show helping me write a review for another food themed show. I like this episode.
    I've noticed how some of the behind the scenes Big Nate videos that Ben Giroux puts on his YouTube channel mainly show him and Bryce Charles doing their dialogue for Nate and DeeDee and no one else is present.

    Can someone animate this so that we get a 2D version of "Crystal Clear"? These pencil tests John Pomeroy puts out are really nice to look at.

    So this is interesting. The Thai dub for the Amphibia episode "Spider Sprig/Olivia And Yunnan" keeps the dark ending credits, but uses the regular season 3 outro music.

    So I've been trying again to update the IMDb page for The Chicken Squad, but even after 9 months, it still won't accept these 4 voice actor credits (Grey DeLisle Griffin, Tom Kenny, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Alanna Ubach). And then I just discovered that I got my TV tropes account got hacked, and I can't post or edit anything (like adding Alice's Wonderland Bakery to the Disney Television Animation page).
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I am gonna so very mad at WBD if MAO MAO GET FORGOTTEN AND DELETED because that mine last favorite show. I lost Rocketeer and Abby Hatcher (2019 batches) because of pandemic cancellation.

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