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  • I just now realized, I wonder why Top Elf isn't airing this year? I really miss seeing the kids competing against each other to see who will be Top Elf, especially when two of the kids got on Santa's naughty list, and they do a get back on the nice list game by seeing who can build the most toys.
    It's airing on NickPluto every Saturdays for holidays month. Just not airing on any Nick TV networks this time.
    I would guess low ratings coupled with COVID.
    I'm back after being banned for about three years, but don't fret, I got all of my banned accounts deleted, and I just got my ban lifted today. Nice to see everyone again.
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When it comes to Nickelodeon, nothing is sacred. Not even a creator's wishes. Hillenburg did not want to promote fast food and this is what Nick does...

Considering leaving Tumblr because I barely posted there.
Betty White would've been 100 years old today.
One thing I've noticed is that all the cartoons that Frederick Weidmann did the music for are all CGI. He worked on Green Lantern The Animated Series, Beware The Batman, All Hail King Julien, Miles From Tomorrowland, The Dragon Prince, Madagascar A Little Wild, Big Nate, Eureka, and Firebuds.
Happy Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day, everybody!

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