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Totally Winxed wrote on Streaker Prower's profile.
Thanks for the follow!
I found this voice comparison for Sabretooth. Charlie Adler is basically using the voice he used for Mr. Whiskers from Brandy And Mr Whiskers.

Was The Batman meant to be a 3 season show, but then got renewed for 2 more seasons? Thomas Perkins was a character designer for seasons 1-3 before he went to work on Ben 10, and he mentioned being unsure of the show getting renewed at the time.
sb-129 referenced the trump cameo from home alone 2 and no one can convince me otherwise

(for context a future spongebob informs squidward that the time machine is down the hall to the left)

Found this from Reddit. Had to trim the original a bit. And yeah the guy in the 2nd half of this is the new Sokka actor.

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