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Almost there to the Round of 16 matches tomorrow.
Top 5 Best Reality Shows of All Time:

5. Total Drama
4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged
3. Mudkipz
2. Zelda CDi Cutscenes
1. LazyTown

My turn! I always encourage people to visit my Gilda And Meek And The Un-Iverse blog via my sig for every issue, but the truth is my Drawing Board Thread has a lot of content not seen on the blog including Linear Notes, character profiles, Updates and even discussion! Check it out!

The second trailer's come out and people are still kvetching about Mario's voice. Get over it, already. Could Charles Martinet pull off a decent Mario voice? Of course he could, but he's not a famous Hollywood actor and Illumination/Nintendo doesn't want just gamers coming to see this movie. Stop acting like Hollywood hasn't cast big name stars in animated movies dozens of times before.
The fact that Santa delivers coal to Darkseid feels fitting.

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