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  1. zoombie

    Animaniacs (2020) News & Discussion Thread

    The failed Pinky and the Brain pilots, please let Larry be in one of them. As for the old adversary, could it be Snowball. I know his intelligence was removed, but a good villain is never defeated for good. But no matter what, bring back Larry bring back Larry.
  2. zoombie

    Comparing "The Ghost of Molly McGee" to "It's Pony" (spoilers)

    So how does the new Disney show The Ghost of Molly McGee compare to Nickelodeon's It's Pony. Both are typically 11 minute wacky adventure of a tween girl and a wacky non human character and their adventures together along with a wacky supporting casts of family and friends. They are both...
  3. zoombie

    Harriet The Spy (Apple TV Series)

    It takes place in the 60's, so is it going to be realistic of its time. For example Spirit: Riding Free that takes place in the late 1800's, and its world is very idealistic to what it would be like. I am talking about one of the main characters two best friends is African American and no issues...
  4. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    I know, my question is why can the McGee in that form?
  5. zoombie

    C&C - Fena: Pirate Princess - "The Curtain Rises on the Climax" [10/9]

    Lost library on a mysterious island. I half expect a giant talking owl to appear.
  6. zoombie

    C&C - Fena: Pirate Princess - "The Curtain Rises on the Climax" [10/9]

    Last time: We learn more about Abel that we may not want to know.
  7. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    I know it is different companies and all, so it will never happen, but I would love to see a crossover with It's Pony, I think the two shows worlds could co exist and be to see those characters interact.
  8. zoombie

    Amphibia News And Discussion Thread

    Hop Till You Drop Well this was a good cool down episode. We get to see more of Anne being the parent to the Planters. I love how this episode show case each of the Planters weaknesses, Polly's being terrorized by babies was hilarious. And that girl that Anne bumped into, didn't ask what...
  9. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    Well that sounds more like Bleach than Ghostbusters. But yeah I understand what you are getting at. I would love to see some purification of spirits. Though I always want to see a parody of Ghostbusters and have an organization that hunts ghosts be an antagonistic force like the villains in the...
  10. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    So I guess that means we have a December hiatus. I wouldn't mind seeing an out right Ghostbusters parody. Something like this.
  11. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    Well if and when, Libby meets Scratch, I hope they address Molly's hypocrisy of trying to keep him hidden. Hooray for Mollywood spoiler
  12. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    In a interview during the Comic Con Zoom panel, Ashley Burch said there is an episode in which Molly is very nervous introducing Scratch to someone important. I think that person is Libby. So that is something to look for.
  13. zoombie

    Polly Pocket (2018) Series Talkback Thread

    Okay so am I jumping to conclusion here that Polly's brother is gay. I thought it was odd in season 2, his birthday party he didn't have any girls at his party, and now this mermaid episode. If it is, very shuttle.
  14. zoombie

    “It’s Pony” News & Discussion Thread

    I watched a few episodes of season 2. Probably should put this in a spoiler tag. This is about a new character.
  15. zoombie

    C&C - Fena: Pirate Princess - "Vice Versa" [10/2]

    Why they kill off the pirates. I am starting to realize now, they were the most interesting characters on the show. Is there a chance at least a few of them survived? Please show fix it.
  16. zoombie

    "Digimon Ghost Games" Talkback Thread

    So far I am loving this series. It is so dark, does feel like I am watching a real late night adult anime, only more tame it is still for kids, but still more dark.
  17. zoombie

    C&C - Fena: Pirate Princess - "Vice Versa" [10/2]

    I also watched the Japanese version also and to my surprise Helena has a different voice actress. For the way her English voice actresses sounded, I thought in the original Japanese version she was speaking English. But I was wrong, Helena English voice actress does sound like someone to which...
  18. zoombie

    "The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread

    Well I thought the soft ball team rival was more meaner than Andrea was. If you have a mean girl antagonist, I rather be her. if Andrea is Amity the red hairing mean girl, than this girl even though she from another town maybe is Basha. Though personality wise, Andrea is like Basha. Anyway I...
  19. zoombie

    C&C - Fena: Pirate Princess - "Vice Versa" [10/2]

    Okay I remember his name. Zek. Abel is better or at least more likable than Zek. Yay. So is Fena, Abel's half sister. This makes things ever worse and creeper.
  20. zoombie

    C&C - Fena: Pirate Princess - "Vice Versa" [10/2]

    Well an Abel focused episode. This is like that episode of Attack on Titan, I think the 2nd to last episode of the latest season that focus on Eren's brother who's name escapes me at the moment. I admit Abel comes off a little more likable than 4 eyes, though that is not saying much.

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