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  1. Mostezli

    "Green Lantern Corp (HBO Max Series") News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    That's what is perplexing to me on how they decided which projects to showcase. Of course they would end on Batman, but I also figured DC Fandome had 20 more minutes to go over what else was in the pipeline. Oh well.
  2. Mostezli

    "Green Lantern Corp (HBO Max Series") News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    Ok, now something must be really up for there to be another of these events not feature this show.
  3. Mostezli

    "Young Justice" News & Discussion Thread, Part 34 (Spoilers) All questions answered once again. New ep every Thursday.
  4. Mostezli

    "Young Justice" News & Discussion Thread, Part 34 (Spoilers)

    It's today. Switch on the streaming app.
  5. Mostezli

    "Batman: Caped Crusader (HBO Max)" Animated Series News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    Timm & Tucker confirmed some things just a minute ago: - more BTAS than, all the kid glove limitations are expected to be lifted - Strange Days was basically the pitch - he'll start off low-tech and develop the gadgets as they go along - same with his typical allies who aren't yet...
  6. Mostezli

    DC FanDome 2021 News Thread (Potential Spoilers)

    GREEN LANTERN: BEWARE MY POWER!! neat-o, finally get to see what the new GL is like for that universe of movies
  7. Mostezli

    "The Flash" Feature Film Pre-Release Discussion, Part 2 (Spoilers)

    ...I'm hoping that new suit vers IS the villain because wow, not a flattering look right now.
  8. Mostezli

    "Titans" (HBO Max/DC Universe) News & Discussion Thread, Part 2 (Spoilers)

    Already at the season finale. Got time to binge where I left off.
  9. Mostezli

    Neat [MEDIA]

  10. Mostezli

    The Faraway Paladin

    Is the source material that good? The first episode was just ok for another isekai about someone being rebirthed into another world.
  11. Mostezli

    "Digimon Ghost Games" Talkback Thread

    His targets were all people who yawned. He forced unto them an extreme method of rest & relaxation. Eventually those screaming for help captives tired themselves out & fell asleep. The terrifying part of his simple-minded psyche is believing that they would resurrect from this slow death because...
  12. Mostezli

    "Digimon Ghost Games" Talkback Thread

    Right, this Mummymon actually saw eye-eye with a human and was made to rationalize his actions, since mummifying exhausted people isn't healing them. As far as where the Digimon franchise is concerned, Gammamon is nostalgic to the dumb pet the lead character got - granted Hiro isn't hiding a...
  13. Mostezli

    "Digimon Ghost Games" Talkback Thread

    2nd ep was good. They got to the first Digivolution and teased the 3rd tamer. Wonder if her Digimon is already bonded to her or it's just some ghost stalker?
  14. Mostezli

    "Marvel on Disney+" Pre-Release News & Discussion, Part 5 (Spoilers)

    They are making a Deadpool sequel some way somehow.
  15. Mostezli

    "Marvel Cinematic Universe" News & Discussion, Part 7 (Spoilers)

    The same applies to having to watch a previous movie to understand certain things of the latest film. Between the two MCU shows I have seen, the amount of filler is rather astounding relative to what the characters' previous status quo was to who they become after their shows. So, in that sense...
  16. Mostezli

    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    The other spy franchises (Bourne/MI/Bond), but yeah Kingsman is still relatively more action thriller than comedy. Getting back to animation and still on the topic of spies, I'm surprised how conventional the comedy for F&F: Spy Racers is when the live-action franchise has become so...
  17. Mostezli

    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    After too many darts being thrown at the "Gravity Falls-imitation" board, Disney finally hit the bullseye on a show that authentically feels different enough & the comedy especially nails what GF did absurdly well. Just got done with 2 more episodes and it's just so good.
  18. Mostezli

    "Digimon Ghost Games" Talkback Thread

    T'was alright. Haven't actually seen a Digimon proper since Data Squad, but quite interesting they went with the goggle-less protagonist like that one. Wonder if the missing dad means they'll end up in the digital world.

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