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  1. VeiledHat

    Cartoon Network Dream Revamp Madness

    I further fleshed out my plans for CN when I work for them like I want to, but I don't even know if I'm going to get the job as the CEO, given how I act most of the time (I WILL learn business practices, but I don't know a lot about money and focus groups. Screw focus groups, btw.) And... the...
  2. VeiledHat

    I'm looking for a Hanna-Barbera underscore

    It was mostly played in the action cartoons and goes "duuuuun dun, dun dun duuuuuun dun." Some notable instances of it are in the Fantastic Four episode "Galactus" and the beginning of the Birdman episode "The Empress of Evil." It's one of my favorite HB cues, but I have no idea what it's called.
  3. VeiledHat

    A TOM and Sara show would be awesome

    I know Jason always wanted a TOM and Sara show, and there was GOING to be a comic in the TOM 3 era that never ended up being made, but a TOM and Sara show in CGI or anime style on HBO Max would be awesome. We'd get details on characters like Swayzak and Orcelot Rex, or what the heck the nebula...
  4. VeiledHat

    Anyone played the Trapped in Hyperspace game?

    So, the Trapped in Hyperspace game has been lost media ever since it disappeared when Cartoon Network updated their Toonami page in July 2004. I've managed to find some people over the years who do remember playing it, but they haven't given me details on stuff like how you saved TOM when he was...
  5. VeiledHat

    Why did Black Vulcan stop shouting his name?

    He only did it in season 2 (both of his appearances.) I know Space Ghost only shouted his name in the intro and outro, while Birdman and Black Vulcan did it in the actual episodes. However, by Challenge of the Super Friends, this trademark of BV was gone and replaced with his catchphrase "Great...
  6. VeiledHat

    First episode of a Sonic fan series!!

    Yes, me and a team of animators are actually animating this.
  7. VeiledHat

    I want to work at Cartoon Network.

    As you all know, I wanna work at CN and make everything better. I'm in the middle of developing my own DC animated universe for the Internet, and I'm gonna help someone out in making an Adult Swim series, so there's that. I hope by the time I become 25, I can work at CN as their CEO or Creative...
  8. VeiledHat

    If I worked at CN/AS/Boomerang: Toonami Edition

    I did something like this for Boomerang, now let's see what I do for Toonami. First of all, I'd move it to Cartoon Network, and allow Jason and Gill to be as brave as they want without causing a S&P issue. I'd make TOM look more like TOM 2, and Sara look more like Sara 2, with a Spice Girls...
  9. VeiledHat

    If I worked at CN and helped make Boomerang better

    Since they've gotten a new president for Cartoon Network, I'd like to help restore Boomerang to its former glory if I eventually get to work there (and if Boomerang doesn't go kerplunk by then.) First of all, I'd bring back the original logo and bumpers with all the old toys from the shows...
  10. VeiledHat

    If Toonami had a separate block on Boomerang during the CN era

    Yeah, let's just say Toonami decided to have a block on Boomerang, showing old action shows, replacing Boomeraction. It'd be called "Toonami on Boomerang," and it would have debuted in October 2002. It would have been hosted by Swayzak, and the story of the block goes that TOM and Sara hunted...
  11. VeiledHat

    About Electric Soldier Porygon

    When I was a kid, Electric Soldier Porygon was my favorite episode due to the Chanseys running around in the scene where Nurse Joy is getting calls from the Pokémon Center. Now, as a teenager who loves Toonami, I absolutely hate the fact that they didn't use a virus as the main villain for the...
  12. VeiledHat

    Worst TTG episodes?

    For me, it's "Knowledge." The episode starts off OK, but what they do to make Starfire dumb again is the reason I hate it. If you're ever going to do a Fantastic Voyage Plot with the Teen Titans, use Cyborg as the character gone inside. It completely disrespects the Teen Titans episode "Crash"...
  13. VeiledHat

    Why I hate Cyborg in Young Justice: Outsiders

    Warning: this is a very unpopular opinion. I do not like Cyborg in this show. Why? Three words: "YOU RUINED ME." That whole scene where he disrespects his father for saving his life made me outright hate this character. And he tries to KILL HIS DAD to top it all off! (I refuse to believe it was...
  14. VeiledHat

    Cartoon Network's library of cartoons

    Cartoon Network holds the rights to many, many classic cartoons. The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Space Ghost, Birdman, etc. But they never play them. Instead, they opt to show Teen Titans Go a thousand times and play new shows I have no interest in. I don't even see their original cartoons from...
  15. VeiledHat

    Original Birdman better than Harvey Birdman?

    Believe it or not, but that's the case with me. The only others who think so are people who were alive in the 60s. I USED to like Harvey Birdman, but now thanks to watching the original Birdman show and seeing stuff like this and the iconic Birdman yell, I prefer the original. And I'm actually...
  16. VeiledHat

    Anyone have a crush on a fictional character?

    I do. It's none other than the character on my avatar, Black Vulcan from Harvey Birdman. Just listen to his voice and tell me you wouldn't find that sexy if you were raised with a double X chromosome (I identify as non-binary now.) Let's hear from you guys!
  17. VeiledHat

    Supervolt Appreciation Thread

    Let's have an appreciation thread for Supervolt, aka Black Vulcan. That voice. Dear God, that voice. Move over Steve Blum. We have a new heavenly-sounding voice on the block. Doesn't help he keeps saying "In my pants." And also, let's leave two of his best moments here: "Well, maybe we should...
  18. VeiledHat

    Anyone share a name with a Nicktoon character?

    Sure, we all know about the Nostalgia Critic being made fun of about Doug. But how about you? Do you have the same name as a Nickelodeon character? I have the same name as Danny Phantom's sister. (Well, technically not his sister.)
  19. VeiledHat

    Swayzak's full body?

    Does anyone know/have an image of what Swayzak's full body from the Trapped in Hyperspace web game looked like? I've seriously been wanting to see this since July 2016. I know he is slim with an hourglass figure, thin digitigrade legs, and square feet according to some Discord users. Someone...
  20. VeiledHat

    The ongoing search for the Trapped in Hyperspace flash game;_2002) If only Alshoff had backed it up in 2004. This is almost like a repeat of the search for A Day With SpongeBob, at least we have info on the guys...

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