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    Dragons: The Nine Realms (Third How To Train Your Dragon Series) We will be getting a third How To Train Your Dragon series, which is coming to Hulu and Peacock on December 23. The show is called Dragons: The Nine Realms. It's set 1,300 years after the...
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    Brian Goldner Dead At 58

    Brian Goldner, one of the CEO's at Hasbro, has died at the age of 58. He started working at Hasbro in 2000 before becoming a CEO in 2008 and a chairman in 2015. He went on medical leave a few days ago, and had apparently been getting cancer treatment since 2014. He's the father of Brooke...
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    Why Do Disney Junior Originals Generally Have A Lot Of Songs?

    When it comes to Disney Channel, you have 3 shows that have songs in every episode, or almost every episode. Those 3 are Phineas And Ferb, The Ghost And Molly McGee, and the upcoming Kiff. When it comes to Disney Junior originals however, many of them tend to use songs a lot. Some prominent...
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    The Future Of Disney Now: Disney Channel Tomorrow, Disney Junior Today?

    We all know about Disney Now, there website/app where you can watch Disney shows and play games, with the episodes often coming out early in the morning the day of the premiere (such as 12:00am on the west coast and 3:00am on the east coast). However, there's one I've noticed recently. Let me...
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    Action Pack (Netflix Preschool Action Show)

    Coming in January 2022 is a preschool action show on Netflix called Action Pack. The show is created by Shea Fontana, produced by Chris Hamilton, and animated by Icon Creative Studios. The series centers on The Action Pack, a group of heroic kids — Treena, Watts, Wren and Clay — who use their...
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    Monica Ray Signs Develop Deal At Disney

    Monica Ray recently announced that she's signed a development deal to produce content for Disney. For Disney, she's the supervising director for Big City Greens, and is the voice of Kiki. Outside of Disney, she's known for being a writer/storyboard artist/director on Harvey Beaks, and the voice...
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    Mike Renzi Dead At Age 80

    Mike Renzi has died at the age of 80. While mainly known for working on Broadway, he worked on the music for Sesame Street from seasons 31-40.
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    Celebrity Voice Actors In Theatrical Movies Based On Established Properties

    When it comes to theatrical movies based on established properties, there are some trends I've noticed: 1. When it comes to theatrical movies based on tv shows, the regular voice cast will reprise their roles, but they'll add in at least one celebrity to the mix (whether they've done voice...
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    Cartoon Network, And How TV Movies Are Almost Never The True Ending When it comes to TV movies, there's a trend with Cartoon Network to not have the movie be a series finale. Granted, that can apply to most networks that have TV movies, but since...
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    Could Future Nickelodeon Streaming Content Be On Netflix Or Paramount Plus?

    While Nickelodeon is still making content for television, they've also been dipping their toes into streaming. In 2019, we had Pinky Malinky, as well as the revival specials for Rocko's Modern Life and Invader Zim, all come out on Netflix. This would then be followed up by Glitch Techs in 2020...
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    School For Sensitive Souls (Animated Disney Television Movie)

    This article that talks about Gary Marsh moving to a different position at Disney says how an animated television movie is in development. It's called School For Sensitive Souls. Not much is known about it, but it is a musical...
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    Is The Lack Of Older Skewing Educational Kids Shows Because Of PBS Kids Go No Longer Being A Thing? When it comes to programming directly meant to educate kids, whether with a curriculum or just simply teaching good social skills through the use of morals, you usually think of the main 3...
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    Great Animal Sound Performances From Actors You Didn't Expect

    When it comes to voicing animals, creatures, and monsters, we usually think of 3 voice actors: Frank Welker, Dee Bradley Baker, and Fred Tatasciore. They're the kings when it comes to voicing characters like them since they usually don't talk yet can still give a good deal of emotion. However...
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    Norm MacDonald Dead At 61

    Norm MacDonald has died at the age of 61. I'm not familiar with his on camera work, but I first heard about him from The Fairly Odd Parents, where he voiced Norm The Genie for most of his appearances. He apparently died from a 9 year battle with cancer...
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    Creators Whose Styles Have Changed Over Time

    When a creator gets famous for a specific show/shows, you often think of a specific style associated with them. Like, when you think of Tom Ruegger, you think more wacky comedies like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. Thus, it's surprising he would work on a show like Animalia, a mostly...
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    Tom Kane Enters Early Retirement

    Remember when Tom Kane got a stroke that left him barely able to read and speak? Well, his condition worsened. While he's thankfully still alive, he has decided to go into early retirement from voice acting.
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    A Tale Dark And Grimm (Netflix Series) There's a Netflix series coming October 18 called A Tale Dark And Grimm. "The series follows Hansel and Gretel as they run away from home to find better...
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    Wolfboy And The Everything Factory (Apple TV Show) Wolfboy And The Everything Factory is an upcoming Apple TV show produced by Bento Box Entertainment coming out September 24, slated for 10 episodes. The series follows...
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    Would You Say Justice League Action Came Out At The Wrong Time?

    Justice League Action is a show that definitely was not given a chance. It was well received, sure, but while WB promoted it well, Cartoon Network didn't treat it well at all. Similar to Green Lantern The Animated Series and Beware The Batman, it only lasted 1 season. One has to wonder if the...
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    Ed Asner Dead At 91

    Ed Asner has died at the age of 91. He's had a prolific career both on screen and in the recording booth. He will be missed.

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