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  1. EdCNPowerpuffDrama

    6teen is getting a special reunion episode

    According to Jen's voice actress, Megan Fahlenbock. Christian Potenza (voice of Jude) also made a post about this on facebook, confirming that the special will happen. Jude is also going to appear in Total Daycare Drama, Total Drama's newest spin-off that not a lot of people are excited for...
  2. EdCNPowerpuffDrama

    Teen Titans GO and Teen Titans (Original) CROSSOVER!!!!????

    Zap2it lists a new episode of Teen Titans GO called "Classic Titans". It will air on September 15, 2017 "Control Freak attempts to prove his point about classic superhero cartoons by sending...
  3. EdCNPowerpuffDrama

    New Total Drama Season coming to Cartoon Network in the future.

    According to the person who does the voice of Chris (host of the show) and a woman who works at Fresh TV, Total Drama will have a new season. It's not 100% for sure that the new season will be aired on Cartoon Network, but since they aired every TD season, I assume they will air this one as...
  4. EdCNPowerpuffDrama

    Cartoon Network remembering Dexters Laboratory's 21st anniversary

    Cartoon Network made a post about Dexter's Lab on their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), celebrating the show's 21st anniversary by asking their audience if they can name the first episode of the show. It's very nice to see them acknowledging one of their older shows...

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