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    Albums That Should Be Covered on "Trainwreckords"?

    It is an Edgar Winter album, but it's actually his soundtrack to L Ron Hubbard's Mission Earth book series
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    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    What do you think about kids shows with dark humor like Gumball, Unikitty, Gravity Falls, and stuff like that?
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    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    Unikitty was the best thing that came out of the Lego animated projects. A shame that, aside from the blink-and-you-miss it Puppycorn "cameo", the other characters didnt make it to The Lego Movie 2.
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    I Learned Something Today

    The part of the youngest child on the Cosby Show came down to Keisha-Knight Pullam and Jaleel White.
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    Was Count Duckula the first Nicktoon?

    The most recent episode of Nick Knacks focuses on Count Duckula, and at the end, it's pointed out that CD could be considered a Nicktoon as it was commissioned by Nick, was co-produced by Nick, and aired on Nickelodeon first. Granted, Nicktoons didnt premiere as a brand until 1991, but it was...
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    C&C - Birdgirl - Season One Talkback

    They werent allowed to do that due to stuff like Jellystone and CN wanting to do more with classic H-B characters IIRC. Birdgirl and Mentok's daughter Meredith are the closest we'll get to HB references.
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    "Close Enough" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I've only seen the first two eps (when they put them on youtube as a free preview) and clips from other episodes, is there any material that may need to be edited for tv?
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    Cartoonito - News & Discussion Thread

    Can younger kids really identify how old a show is? When I was in pre-school/kindergarden I watched reruns of The Electric Company and saw it as a current show, not knowing how old the eps really were (when they stopped running the reruns I was confused), same with reruns of other shows.
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    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    Kingsman is a comedy? Yeah, it's got plenty of comedic moments, but which major action franchise nowadays doesnt?
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    Which animated shows qualify as "Dramedies"?

    What are some animated shows that you would consider as being in the Dramedy genre (shows that contain an equal amount of comedy and drama)? The term is broad (I've seen Simpsons and Regular Show put in that genre, but they dont really qualify IMO). Ones that I'd say qualify are: King of the...
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    Cartoons About Kids Which Would Still Work if They Were Revived as Adults

    I'd like to see what the Gumball kids would be like as adults.
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    AS Losing Nearly All of Their Fox Shows

    I wonder if AS will put Close Enough on the block. There was that Harley Quinn marathon a month or so ago, and CN proper has added Jellystone, so there is precedent for putting HBO Max originals on CN.
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    Could AS show the first season of Tuca and Bertie?

    I didnt start watching the show until AS picked it up, but I was wondering if they could get the rights to air the first season. While I was able to figure out what was going on, if they aired that season, more people might get more of the backstory behind the characters. Netflix shows HAVE...
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    AS Losing Nearly All of Their Fox Shows

    Joe Pera Talks To You as the opener of the block? At least the Brak Show (which should be opening the block) is returning.
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    September, 2021--What Did You Buy This Month: Live-Action DVD/Blu-Ray/4K

    Sledge Hammer: Season one. I remember liking this show back in the day, so I decided to get it off Ebay. So far it still holds up.
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    Ren And Stimpy Reboot For Comedy Central

    I said this earlier in the thread, but a modern R&S would have to be a crazy absurdist comedy like Uncle Grandpa or Unikitty (to a lesser extent) to work in 2021.
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    Are teen characters underrepresented in modern cartoons?

    While there are plenty of shows (mostly in the adult cartoon market) with teen characters (Family Guy, Duncanville, etc), there are almost none where they're the main character (Rick and Morty comes close, but even then there are eps where Morty takes the backseat to the adults). I mean, there...
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    CN Schedule Updates Part 3

    It's probably to hype up the Urkel Christmas movie.
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    "Jellystone!" Series Talkback (Spoilers)

    Since they have Shazzan, Johnny Quest, and Hadji, I wonder if they'll put any of the other 60s HB heroes here like Space Ghost, Birdman, Mightor, Herculoids, Galaxy Trio, Moby Dick, even Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles.

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