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  1. -batmat-

    Akira's influence throughout the DCAU

    So I watched Akira yesterday for the first time, and I couldn't help to notice some specific things that made me think of some moments in the DCAU. -At one point, the main character fights a biker gang and punches one by running towards the bike, steppin on it, and kicks the biker. It was too...
  2. -batmat-

    Is Batman: Under The Red Hood overrated?

    So, I just saw this on YouTube I was so surprised by the results. And it just begs the question. Is Under The Red Hood THAT good? THE best Batman movie? By THAT big of a margin against the likes of MOTP, ROTJ and TDRK? (Year One is clearly one step below the rest, at least in my book) Don't...
  3. -batmat-

    What are your Top 5 favorite DC Universe movies?

    Since most of us here are probably stuck in quarentine, I thought we could play some games such as this. So basically, from the DC Universe line of movies, starting with Superman Doomsday in 2007, and with its latest one, Superman Red Son, what are your Top 5? Feel free to add some comments if...
  4. -batmat-

    Artist Raf Grassetti creates mindblowing BTAS art

    God of War artist Raf Grasseti has been sharing on his Instagram account some mindblowing interpretations of BTAS characters. He's still uploading one more everyday. Check them out! Two Face Bane Killer Croc Scarecrow (my favorite so far) Harley Quinn
  5. -batmat-

    Question regarding some Blu-Ray releases.

    Hey everyone! I'm planning on getting both seasons of JL, and JLU, aswell as Return Of The Joker on Blu Ray. I'm from Argentina and to get them here they are either overpriced, or have to be imported at also at a ridiculous price. So whenever I or a friend travels to the US, I usually bring...
  6. -batmat-

    Was the Justice League theme a rip off?

    So my dad was watching a movie called Twins of Evil and the theme kicks in and I hear from my room what was basically the Justice League theme. I couldn't believe it! The resemblance is astonishing... Twins of Evil (1971) Justice League (2001) It just seems too obvious so I wonder if it...
  7. -batmat-

    How do you prefer to watch The Dark Knight Returns?

    Simple question. I've always watched the movies with part 1 and part 2 separately, it makes sense since they deal with different situations for Batman, and because of the time skip. However I've never watched the deluxe edition, which combines the movie. What do you prefer?
  8. -batmat-

    Thoughts on Batman The Animated Series 24th Anniversary

    Yesterday, marked Batman The Animated Series' 24th anniversary (September 5th, 1992). Not because of it, but just because I felt like it, after dinner last night I watched ''The Dark Knight Returns - Part 1'' , mainly because it had been a while and because my sister has been getting into...
  9. -batmat-

    Batman The Animated Series Alternate Intro (New) Hi everyone! I wanted to show you all what I did. I posted it originally on my tumblr account, and it had a great feedback. It's the BTAS intro but without music, and filled with sound effects of everything that goes on in it. Tell me what you think!
  10. -batmat-

    Different titles for DC movies

    I was thinking the other day that some DC animated movies have really bad or corny names, like "Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero" or really clichéd like "Mystery Of The Batwoman". Or even "Mask Of The Phantasm". I know it's trying to say something about the mystery of who the phantasm is, but it...

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