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    Phil, Mike, Lisa, and Kurt let go from working on VeggieTales

    Well, today we got some news no one wanted. Phil Vischer stated something on his Twitter about the future of VeggieTales. And to think that The VeggieTales Show proved to have saved the franchise...
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    What if there was a TV show based on the CN City era?

    Hello, folks. I've got something to share. Remember when animation supervisor Geoff Valent said that his team had originally pitched to make a TV show based on the CN City era, but such plans never materialized for reasons unknown? Well, Veston Bruno, Angry Sheep Studios, and I have been...
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    Season 8 of Regular Show if the gang wasn't in space...

    Hey, pardon if this has been asked before, but, if Rigby didn't push the button that sent him and his friends into space in the Regular Show season 7 finale "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", how do you think Season 8 of Regular Show would've played out? I think it would've given the show a...
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    Cartoon Network Stays Up Late

    Heya, folks. A few months ago, me and Veston Bruno worked on a Cartoon Network crossover fanfic the latter came up with, called "Cartoon Network Stays Up Late". Here's the link to the outline: And...
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    The economic recession and the TV-on-DVD market

    Here's a question: Is the 2008 economic crash the one to blame for Disney having to stop releasing DVDs of their Disney Afternoon shows? I've heard that the 2008 economic crash had forced major companies to cut back on big spending.
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    Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie as a direct-to-video special

    I've been thinking about this lately... What if Big Idea Productions produced Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie as a 45-58 minute direct-to-video special, as opposed to a theatrical feature film? I think it would've prevented the company from going bankrupt. What do you think?
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    Why did Nick in the Afternoon end?

    I don't know if this has been asked, but: What is the real reason why Nickelodeon ended Nick in the Afternoon? I think one reason could be Lori Beth Denberg (who hosted the U-Dip segments of the block) leaving Nickelodeon due to her getting older.
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    Season/Complete series sets of Bob the Builder

    So, I had this idea: To have Bob the Builder released on DVD in complete series sets in North America. (This happened in the United Kingdom and Australia, but only the first four seasons of the original series were released.) The original series, Project: Build It, and Ready, Steady, Build...
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    The Official BBC Children in Need Medley

    Does anyone remember this one? It's a medley that was released and shown during Children in Need 2009. It was even released on CD and DVD. It's a crossover of some sorts, and consists of the following songs: Can You Feel It Don't Stop Jai Ho! Tubthumpimg Never Forget Hey Jude One Day Like This...
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    R.I.P. Vincent Marzello (1951-2020) We've lost another great actor. Vincent Marzello has died at the age of 68. We'll miss him dearly.
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    R.I.P. William Dufris (1958-2020)

    William Dufris, Bob the Builder and Anime Voice Actor, Dies at 62 This is very sad news. William Dufris, the original US/American voice of Bob the Builder, as well as one of the English voice actors for the character Lupin the Third, has passed away. I will miss him. He, and his voices were...
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    Family Guy: Episodes that should've had commentaries done for

    A while back, I had ideas for certain episodes of Family Guy that should've had audio commentaries. The list is below. (What's in bold is the season/volume DVD the episode(s) is/are on, and underneath is the episode title, which underneath is the people who'd be commentating) Volume 1: Road to...
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    R.I.P. Russi Taylor (1944-2019)

    Well, it's a sad day for us Disney fans. Russi Taylor, best known as the voice of Minnie Mouse, has passed away.
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    The format for Disney's One Saturday Morning

    Does anyone know the format for One Saturday Morning? (with hosting segments and interstitials) Not too many sites have a basic outline. If anyone could explain the format for this flagship show/block, from start to finish, that would be great. Try using the 1997-1998 season as an example.
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    Sign the petition to have a One Saturday Morning music video for Disney Television Animation's 35th anniversary

    Mod note: Link removed. Could anyone please sign this petition? I'm at 6, and my goal is to have 100+ signatures, so if anyone can help, please do.
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    Disney's One Saturday Morning - Where are they now?

    Where could Jessica Prunell (Charlie), Travis Wester (Phil), and Paul Rugg (Manny) be? I know the first two left, and Paul may have left in 2000, but where are the three?
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    Where could the US dubs of Bob the Builder material pre-2015 end up in?

    Given PBS isn't airing the show anymore, and that the US dubs of episodes/videos from the original series, Project Build It, and Ready Steady Build (respect my opinion, I despise RSB) aren't available for purchase on YouTube these days, where could they end up for legal viewing?
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    Lyrick Studios

    Anyone remember this distributor? It was pretty good, bringing in quality entertainment for the whole family, such as Barney (respect my opinion, I hate Barney), Wishbone, Groundling Marsh, Joe Scruggs, The Wiggles, and VeggieTales (which made its mass market debut in 1998 thanks to them). In...
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    Tracey McBean

    Anyone remember this show? It was an Australian animated series produced by Southern Star Entertainment, and aired on ABC in Australia, and on Discovery Kids in America. It premiered in 2001, and ended in about like 2006. It revolves around a girl named Tracey who goes to school with her best...
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    Family Guy: TV vs DVD versions

    There are two different versions of Family Guy. One for TV that's censored and one for DVD that's uncensored. Do you prefer the TV or DVD versions? For me, I'd say the TV versions.

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