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    Was Count Duckula the first Nicktoon?

    The most recent episode of Nick Knacks focuses on Count Duckula, and at the end, it's pointed out that CD could be considered a Nicktoon as it was commissioned by Nick, was co-produced by Nick, and aired on Nickelodeon first. Granted, Nicktoons didnt premiere as a brand until 1991, but it was...
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    Which animated shows qualify as "Dramedies"?

    What are some animated shows that you would consider as being in the Dramedy genre (shows that contain an equal amount of comedy and drama)? The term is broad (I've seen Simpsons and Regular Show put in that genre, but they dont really qualify IMO). Ones that I'd say qualify are: King of the...
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    Could AS show the first season of Tuca and Bertie?

    I didnt start watching the show until AS picked it up, but I was wondering if they could get the rights to air the first season. While I was able to figure out what was going on, if they aired that season, more people might get more of the backstory behind the characters. Netflix shows HAVE...
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    Are teen characters underrepresented in modern cartoons?

    While there are plenty of shows (mostly in the adult cartoon market) with teen characters (Family Guy, Duncanville, etc), there are almost none where they're the main character (Rick and Morty comes close, but even then there are eps where Morty takes the backseat to the adults). I mean, there...
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    Noticed something about Jem

    While rewatching Jem, I noticed that several of the main characters had names that could be music references: Aja: Steely Dan song Rio: Duran Duran song Misfits: Punk band of the same name Clash: another punk band Riot: There are several bands/songs using that word, but given the time the show...
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    The history of Looney Tunes on TV

    Great video by Pop Arena: Lots of info I didnt know before.
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    What will AS do for their 20th anniversary?

    This fall will count the 20th year AS has been on the air, how will they mark it?
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    Best Unsung Simpsons jokes

    We have one for Family Guy, might as well have one for the Simpsons too, what are some jokes/gags that are you find hilarious but arent as well known as the memetic ones? I'll start with one from Homer to the Max, Bill Clinton telling Marge "I gotta go, Quebec's got the bomb". Just how he says...
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    Early 2010s or late 2010s?

    The 2010s were seen as a great decade for animation, but of them, do you prefer the early 2010s (2010-2014) or the second half of the decade (2015-2019)? Have to go with the former, while the late 2010s did give us some excellent shows (We Bare Bears, Final Space, OK KO, The Loud House), they...
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    M.A.S.K. added to Tubi

    Tubi just added M.A.S.K. Sadly, it's still just the first season like the DVD set (the second season remains elusive) . Still, nice to have it on there.
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    Once huge movies that are now (almost) forgotten

    Did this for tv, lets do it for film. What are some movies which got lots of hype and positive reviews when first released, but are now rarely talked about? I'll go with Napoleon Dynamite. When it came out in 2004 it had an huge fandom, those Vote For Pedro shirts were everywhere, but now, it's...
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    Your thoughts on "Cerebus Syndrome"?

    Basically, when a formerly light-hearted work suddenly takes a turn into drama. Here's what TV Tropes has to say about it : Cerebus Syndrome - TV Tropes What do you think of this, and what are some good and/or bad examples?
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    Do you still "channel surf"?

    While I understand most people stream tv nowadays, does anyone sometimes still flip through the channels looking for something to watch? I occasionally do, as it's fun to randomly come across a movie or tv show you like.
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    Cartoons named after food

    Lets see how many cartoons we can name that are named after food or drink: Veggietales Strawberry Shortcake The Mr. Potato Head Show/Potato Head Kids The Amazing World of Gumball Fruits Basket Marmalade Boy any other notables?
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    Aquaman and Friends action hour

    This show was supposed to be the endgame to those dancing Aquaman bumpers, but it never aired in the US. It did air overseas and I have seen clips (but no full episodes), anyone know why it never made it over here?
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    (Live Action) TV shows that used to be huge but are now forgotten

    What are some long running (at least 4 seasons) tv shows that used to be huge but are now pretty much forgotten? The Drew Carey Show comes to mind, it was huge in the mid-90s/early 2000s, but now it's rarely talked about, only the first season had a DVD release, and isnt being rerun or...
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    Willard Scott returning to role as Ronald McDonald

    Willard Scott, 87, has announced he will be returning to the character he made famous, Ronald McDonald. Scott said he wants to entertain a new generation of children as the famous fast food mascot. Also McDonalds will also return to the classic Ronald outfit for the return of Scott:
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    Parodies that get things wrong

    Sometimes, parodies of movies/tv/songs/others get basic facts about the characters wrong, therefore not making it work well as a parody. For example, both Saturday Night Live and South Park apparently thought Dumb Donald and Mushmouth (from Fat Albert) were the same character (though a later...
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    Is Roger Rabbit a Disney character?

    Is Roger Rabbit considered a Disney character? He was technically created for a Disney film, but it was released under the Touchstone brand, and Disney doesnt really use him all that much (they only made a few shorts to show at the beginning of films in the early 90s, then, nothing).
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    Superted is coming back Wonder if it'll get a US release.

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