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  1. TheMan

    Will Challenge TV in the UK follow the Boomerang USA model by focusing on streaming?

    Challenge TV in the UK has performed poorly since around 2015/2016, with its only successful show being The Chase. It has also received less attention in recent times, with almost no original commissions since 2016, it’s +1 channel being closed down, it’s social media feeds and website being cut...
  2. TheMan

    Will TCC be revived as a streaming service?

    TCC was one of the earliest kids’ channels in Europe during the 80s and 90s, unfortunately it closed down due to the newer channels like Nickelodeon. However, the name could be used for a new streaming service exclusively featuring old and new kids’ shows and films. Disney content won’t be...
  3. TheMan

    Will Nickelodeon and CITV in the UK merge?

    The failing Nickelodeon channel in the UK, which no longer makes its own shows and relies on US shows, could improve its fortunes by merging with the more successful CITV to create INK (ITV Nickelodeon Kids), a channel that nearly launched in 2005 but was later cancelled. Sky will have to sell...
  4. TheMan

    TV Shows You Want To Revive

    One show I would like to revive would be the late night phone in quiz show Quizmania, which aired on ITV in 2006. It would be presented by some of the original hosts like Greg Scott and Chuck Thomas, as well as new hosts.
  5. TheMan

    Fantasy TV Schedules

    My schedule is for ITV daytimes in the UK. I will revive the ITV Morning News at 5:30, which last aired in 2012. Good Morning Britain and Lorraine will return to their old times of 6:00-8:30 and 8:30-9:25. I will revive The Jeremy Kyle Show at 9:25. This Morning at 10:30 will be replaced by...

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