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  1. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    I Love to Read Batman - UK B:TAS Comic Book (With Scans)

    I thought I would make a new thread for this topic as a few members were requesting details and scans on this long-running comic. UK/Irish fans were lucky to get The Batman Adventures in the A4 format, but sometime in 1995, Redan publishing refreshed the line to include original 5 page comics...
  2. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    20 Years of 'Batman: The Animated Series' (Article inside)

    This article contains nothing new (If I hear that Perchance to Dream story one more time Kevin)... but its just a rundown of a mini-reunion at the Emerald City Comic Convention last weekend. Also, looks like Kevin won't be voicing Bats...
  3. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Kevin Conroy is now on Twitter!!

    I know people have always wanted him to have an online presence... and now he has. :D!/TheKevinConroy Just for any fan that isn't aware.
  4. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Is Harry Shearer under-rated?

    Would anyone agree with the statement that Harry Shearer is under-appreciated when it comes to his voice work on The Simpsons? I know he has been the most vocal member of the cast about the shows decline over the last 10 years or so and I don't think he has ever done a DVD commentary (correct...
  5. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Batgirl and her many voice actors in the DCAU

    Now this is not a comparison thread between Melissa Gilbert, Mary Kay Bergman, and Tara Strong... as I'm sure thats been covered many times. I am simply curious as to the change of voice actors with Melissa Gilbert and Mary Kay Bergman... Any one know the reason for the change? I'm all too...
  6. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Batman: TAS - lack of continuity...?

    This is a subject that I am conflicted on... as I kind of have a few opinions on it. On one hand Batman: The Animated Series apparently has no concern for continuity... the events of one episode have no ramifications in the next or even a few subsequent episodes. Particularly characters like...
  7. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Rino Romano - What did you think?

    So, it would appear that Rino Romano's tenure as Batman has come to end... (then again, i said that about Kevin Conroy after JLU) He voiced the caped crusader in all five seasons of The Batman and the direct-to-DVD movie The Batman vs. Dracula. So now that we have had the chance to savor his...
  8. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Bruce Timm - Not a Superman Fan?

    I must admit, i was shocked when i heard this... I frequent another board, and the general consensus there is that Bruce Timm is not a big fan of Superman... and in fact favors Batman. As a result... they feel that Superman was constantly short-changed in the various shows he was involved...
  9. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Susan Eisenberg - a solid Wonder Woman???

    I recently watched 'Justice League:The New Frontier' and i personally didn't like the wonder woman presented therein - her model design seemed blocky and without grace (something i believe to be vital with the wonder woman character)... but most importantly, i didn't like her voice. This is...
  10. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    The Batman - not a great series, but an important one!?

    Don't get me wrong... i absolutely adore 'The Batman'. I have seen every episode religously as well as the movie. But i'm not going to fool myself into thinking it was a groundbreaking or redifining masterpiece. Considering it coming to its end - i think i'll sum it up like this... It was a...
  11. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    'The Lost Years' >>> it's origin!

    Was 'Old Wounds' and 'sins of the father' an adaption of the comic... or was the comic an adaption of the episodes...??? Airdates and release dates seem to close for me to be sure!!

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