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  1. the greenman

    David DePatie dead at 91

    I was debating with myself where exactly to put this, but settled. The famed producer of the original Pink Panther series of shorts. He also was a pretty big producer in general. He actually passed away September 23rd, but news was just released today. Read the following article...
  2. the greenman

    Babylon 5 reboot News & Discussion Thread

    A Babylon 5 reboot is in the works from series creator JM Straczynski for . . . The CW. I recently caught up with revisiting this series (though at the time I barely watched it...
  3. the greenman

    20th Century Fox films (and other family films) you want on Disney+

    We have had Disney+ for about 2 years now, we've seen Disney slowly pick & choose what FOX content they assimilate into the service. Some are "Go figures" like Miracle on 34th Street, Turner & Hooch, Splash, and the Sandlot, but the service has neglected more than few films under FOX. Any other...
  4. the greenman

    Has nostalgia pretty much taken over the culture?

    It seems to me, as time moves forward we keep referencing nostalgia. We can not escape it. I mean, I still can't grasp why we're making old concepts new again like Man from UNCLE. Something some young people have never seen one episode of. On top of this, we take those nostalgic concepts and...
  5. the greenman

    TV Series that you want updated

    So we have had a bunch of reboots and revivals of older IP. Some of them mostly done out of nostalgic value to various results. Some just networks giving them a shot for testing purposes; like limited series. Some original series like: Roseanne (1988-1997) Full House (1987-1995) Punky...
  6. the greenman

    Was Namor the Submariner ever considered to be Asiatic?

    I am wondering if Marvel is confused or the comics just fuddled things up over the years and decades. In certain appearances of Namor he certainly came off as looking Asiatic in nature. Though as we know he was mixed with human and Atlantean blood. No comics that I know of ever specifically...
  7. the greenman

    Would it be feasible to get an independent Comic Book streaming service?

    The first and closest we've had was DC Universe which lasted from 2018-2021. It was of course going to highly limited for strictly DC comics films and television. However, it ran into licensing issues such as the Dark Knight trilogy being pulled off of it fairly quickly (probably first month)...
  8. the greenman

    Favorite Chicken Sandwich

    So, no burgers allowed. My tops are: -Chic-fil-a (Spicy chicken & breakfast eggwhite grill) -Carls Jr. (Charbroiled Santa Fe Sandwich) -Popeye's (spicy chicken VERY similar to Chic-fil-a) Local California place called -Wing ferno (Nashville chicken Sandwich) Sent from my LM-Q730 using Tapatalk
  9. the greenman

    Multiverse film you're most looking forward to

    SONY- Spider-man: No Way Home -Appearances: Electro Jamie Foxx from Amazing Spider-man 2 Doctor Octopus Alfred Molina from Spider-man 2 -Possible appearances: Spider-man/Peter ParkerTobey Maguire, Spider-man/Peter ParkerAndrew Garfield, Mary Jane WatsonKirsten Dunst WB/DC- The Flash...
  10. the greenman

    Favorite cartoon block

    Over the years, I have enjoyed many cartoon blocks from differing eras. My top favorite cartoon block was the Disney Afternoon. It was enjoyable, especially when it finally got all of the Disney Channel series (Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Darkwing Duck) Things got increased once they...
  11. the greenman

    R.I.P. Samuel E. Wright (1946-2021)

    He was the quintessential voice of Sebastian on Little Mermaid. He also played Lion King's Mufasa on stage. R.I.P. Mr. Wright Sent from my LM-Q730 using Tapatalk
  12. the greenman

    Top 5 A-list villains

    This thread is not about naming the all-time top 5 villains, but every heroes top 5. All subjective of course. I ask not to put too many in one post, if you want to 5 characters to their respective 5 villains. Being specific with explanations helps too. My first is Batman: 1. The Joker: Clown...
  13. the greenman

    End of Theaters means end of BILLIONS

    When do you imagine the next billion dollar film will hit? With theaters not nearly operating at the capacity as the 2010's, it seems unlikely any studio will ever see a billion dollar film. Thoughts? Sent from my LM-Q730 using Tapatalk
  14. the greenman

    Animation characters in Amusements

    World wide, just how many parks feature animation characters? I know a few in the US: Kings Dominion= Virginia Features mostly Hanna Barbera characters. Six Flags= California Features mostly WB owned characters from DC comics and Looney Tunes. Knott's Berry Farms= California Mostly the...
  15. the greenman

    Does Charlton have a Trinity?

    We have all (as of late) surmised that DC has an obvious trinity of great heroes. Those three have always been Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Marvel, in a sense, may have the same in Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor? Have the Charlton heroes had a trinity of their own? I'm aware they...
  16. the greenman

    So, why so many game shows?

    I normally don't watch alot of daytime or evening television on a weekly basis cause of my work schedule (often 60 hours a week). Being hospitalized, I had nothing but time to watch tv. I have noticed the few daytime television game shows I remember. Now I'm seeing that there are not only the...
  17. the greenman

    Whatever happened to 60's Marvel toons?

    We all know them. If we'd seen them we love them? I don't know they were released on DVD, but what about the ownership rules in terms of streaming? I remember someone mentioned if they Disney owned them they could play them before the films. That would be incredible (no pun intended). Sent from...
  18. the greenman

    Could a supernatural DC animated series work?

    Upon recollection, I don't believe any supernatural superheroes have ever had an animated series. I think the concepts have always been left to filler Halloween episodes, among creature-of-the-week. I think the closest I can think of is the animated Swamp Thing series where he regularly fought...
  19. the greenman

    Favorite classic stories in film: "Dracula" edition

    I had been thinking on making a thread on this for awhile now. I had a discussion with someone about their favorite classic stories and characters. It lead us down a rabbit hole about what that entails especially in films. Basically, I want this to concentrate on those classic works or popular...
  20. the greenman

    Geek fandom in the Industry

    I had wrote about something in the Star Trek News thread. I began to tell that all geeks in Hollywood are not cut from the same thing. Some are younger, others are adults who were inspired by fandom IP. I had a list of people who have various amounts of geekdom knowledge, but I lost it. It...

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