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  1. Wounded_Dragon

    Top Gun Returns to Theaters

    For more details, see the website
  2. Wounded_Dragon

    Airplane Back in Theaters

    Well, I hope this becomes more common. And another poster too.
  3. Wounded_Dragon

    KFC sandwich ditches bread for more meat

    Source: Side note: while it's around a quarter of a 2000 calorie diet, it has over half the recommended daily intake of fat and sodium. Sounds messy on all fronts. Kind of defeats the...
  4. Wounded_Dragon

    Where's (robot) Waldo?

    Fla. boaters urged to look out for missing robot Now that'd be a cute kid's book.
  5. Wounded_Dragon

    Karl Malden dies at 97
  6. Wounded_Dragon

    So A Midwestern Winter Storm Comes

    The heavy snow finally comes to Indiana. Quite a mess driving home. Now safely enscored with blankets and hot cocoa. How're the rest of you holding up this fine weekend?
  7. Wounded_Dragon

    Bravo's Ultimate Super Heroes,Vixens

    Well, tonight marks the beginning of Bravos Ultimate Super Heroes and Vixens specials. Narrated by Adam West with clips and interviews from various people such as Stan Lee and Mark Hamill First up, the top twenty super heroes 20. Men In Black 19. Blade 18. Conan the Barbarian 17. Austin...

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