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  1. BlooMac

    CN Launch Footage Found!

    After many years of searching, someone has finally come with a tape and uploaded the launch of Cartoon Network on October 1, 1992! Also, apparently CN got it wrong as "Rhapsody Rabbit" was indeed the first program to air on the channel.
  2. BlooMac

    Why was Looney Tunes on CN called "Bugs and Daffy" during the 90s and early 00s?

    Did this have to do anything with Nickelodeon still airing Looney Tunes shorts until 1999? They did introduce "The Looney Tunes Show" title in 2001, but some airings still retained the Bugs and Daffy name until 2004.
  3. BlooMac

    Happy 25th Anniversary, Cartoon Network!

    Well, here we are! CN is now a quarter-century old. Thanks for all the great shows and moments you brought to us! Here's a little montage I did, a remaster/extension of the good ol' 10th anniversary one: And I'm reposting the official 25th anniversary video CN did just for the heck of it:
  4. BlooMac

    Toonzone's Cartoon Network 25th Anniversary: 1994

    I'm super late with this topic and I also couldn't find the old one from 2012, so here's a new one. 1994 brought us: - the premiere of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, CN's first fully produced Cartoon Network original series, whose success would later spin-off more programming like Cartoon Planet...
  5. BlooMac

    Lost Billy and Mandy student short released

    Well, here it is: the short film Maxwell Atoms made in 1996, featuring Billy and Mandy, which would eventually be retooled into the more kid-friendly and less disturbing The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  6. BlooMac

    Does CN still own the rights to the H-B shows?

    I'm a bit confused, some people say that Turner still owns the rights to the Hanna-Barbera shows and Cartoon Network/Boomerang can air them for free, while others say that Warner Bros. has gained all of them and CN/Boom now has to pay them in order to air them?
  7. BlooMac

    2015 April Fools Megathread

    After only a year since Adult Swim took over the 8pm hour slot, Cartoon Network continues to shrink and will lose the 6am and 7pm hour slots. This change take effect, starting April 13. Adult Swim will use its new slots for more King of the Hill.
  8. BlooMac


    After the success of Nick Jr's NickMom, Nicktoons is also launching a nightly block, called NickDad, which will be targeted for adult males. The block will feature dad stuff like sports, newspapers, pipes and other random stuff your average stereotypical father likes. Nickelodeon are also...
  9. BlooMac

    Lost Media: The Moxy Show

    Despite being the first Cartoon Network original series (with SGC2C being the first fully produced original series), this show is really unpopular and barely any footage exists online, even though there are tons of footage from CN during the period it has aired. It is said that The Moxy Show...
  10. BlooMac

    CN on April Fools' Day

    With April Fools' Day near, I decided to ask what kind of stunts has CN done on April 1 throughout the years. We can also discuss, which ones are your favorite. So here's the stunts I know: - In 1997 they aired the Screwy Squirrel cartoon Happy-Go-Nutty repeatedly from 6 AM to 6 PM. I heard...
  11. BlooMac

    Has CN lost their creativity?

    Cartoon Network has some pretty good and creative shows, but what about their packaging? Sure the CHECK it. 3.0 look is nice, I like those "neon" colors and the soundtracks, it fits a cartoon channel, but they only use it in the NEXT bumpers and on some of the promos' endpages. Their idents are...
  12. BlooMac

    West feed, On Demand and HD launch dates?

    Since I can't find any info anywhere, I decided to ask it here. Does anyone know when the west coast feed of Cartoon Network launched, as well as Cartoon Network on Demand? I know the Powerhouse next bumpers have always had the "Eastern and Pacific" sign, so the west feed must have existed since...
  13. BlooMac

    The CN Rebrand/Bumpers/Promos Thread

    All the other threads for this have been inactive for months or years, so I decided to make a new one where we can discuss the bumpers and promos, shown on Cartoon Network, as well as the current rebrand, commonly known as CHECK it. 3.0. But let's stick mainly to what's currently shown, this is...
  14. BlooMac

    CN loses its 8pm hour slot, starting March 31

    I know there's already a thread on the Adult Swim board and it was posted in the CN schedule updates thread, but I think this kind of news deserves its own thread here. Source:
  15. BlooMac

    What does the "What a Cartoon!â„¢" thing in the CN websites mean?

    In the very bottom of most of Cartoon Network's websites, there's a logo that says "What a Cartoon! TM". Does it refer to the 90s WAC shorts or is the "What a Cartoon!" name used more than just that?
  16. BlooMac

    CN gets back its 9pm hour slot, starting Nov. 11 (EDIT: Only for a couple months.)

    According to the backdoor schedule, starting November 11, Regular Show and Adventure Time will air every night from 9pm and Adult Swim will start at 10pm. Jason DeMarco was asked about this on his and he said: As much as I like AT and RS, I wish they would fill the 9pm hour with...
  17. BlooMac

    Is this list of programs shown on CN correct?

    I'm making a fan-made CN project, so I need a list of all cartoons shown on Cartoon Network. I don't need the years, nor the ratings, I only need the shows themselves. So have all these shows on this Wikipedia list aired on CN?
  18. BlooMac

    Regular Show censored in the US?

    I heard that The Power was recently censored, is that true?
  19. BlooMac

    What did CN do for April Fools Day this year?

    I'm pretty late on this, but since I only watched CN in the early morning that day, I've been wondering what they did this year. I only saw that they aired a Screwball Squirrel short at 6am instead of Looney Tunes and there were bumpers for "Incredible Fools Day", but from what I saw it was the...
  20. BlooMac

    CN renews all live action for ∞ seasons and cancels all cartoons!

    Now that's the CARTOON Network I used to love back in the 90s!

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