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  1. copper20

    Family Guy cancelled? Feels like Seth MacFarlane is actually TRYING to trick us into watching the show again. And if he isn't joking, then good riddance. This show went downhill much...
  2. copper20

    They need to stop playing the post 50s Tom and Jerry shorts

    I don't give a rat's *** that people whine about the maid, that's completely insignificant. Too many times it's a marathon of Gene Deitch/Chuck Jones and a few Filmation shorts thrown in the mix on Boomerang and Cartoon Network. It's been like this for too long and it's gotta stop. Bottom line...
  3. copper20

    Why does Family Guy use live action clips or images from the internet?

    I've been noticing this since maybe season 5, Family Guy started using some live action clips much more often (Yes, I'm aware they did that maybe 2 times in the first 3 seasons) or images on the internet to plaster over animation or something. In one of the Season 8 episodes, Peter started...
  4. copper20

    Are some shows on Boomerang being time compressed?

    Right now I'm watching a Flintstones episode on Boomerang and it seems like it is time compressed, especially during the intro the music was playing even faster than it should be. Are they really doing this just to squeeze more ads in or am I just seeing things?
  5. copper20

    Music used in Dance of the Goofys?

    I already know what music is used during the majority of the cartoon, but when Goofy and his leader are both escaping a mad scientist boy, I have no idea what that music is. I don't think it's the main piece (Fruhlingsstimmen) since I've played through that music and it doesn't sound like it...
  6. copper20

    Why aren't the 40s/50s Tom and Jerry played as much anymore?

    They do play them on boomerang and cn but seems like they play mostly gene deitch chuck jones and filmation tom and jerry. And when they do they usually show the cinemascope ones in pan and scan. What gives?
  7. copper20

    Tom and Jerry VHS Questiosn

    I'm considering getting some of Tom and Jerry on VHS (MGM/UA to be precise), as the golden collection volume 2 hasn't been released still. I have a few questions though 1. Do the cartoons have Mammy Two Shoes (The black maid) still voiced by Lillian Randolph? I would rather view these cartoons...
  8. copper20

    Nicktoons Channel

    Why do they keep showing so many episodes of Dragon Ball, Power Rangers, Supah Ninjas, or Avatar? I feel like they should only play nickelodeon animated shows. Also I wish they would show Fairly Odd Parents a lot more on that channel.
  9. copper20

    Intros keep getting cropped

    CN would you knock it off with this?!! When you crop intros, it just kills the mood for the rest of the show! Yeah I like the cartoon planet block, but the intros are cropped! This is a huge bullet wound for those shows. They already did this to Ed Edd N Eddy, Courage, KND, Billy and Mandy...
  10. copper20

    Toon Zone Talkback - "Pac-Man" Season 1 Coming to DVD via Warner Archives on January 31, 2012

    This is the talkback thread for "Pac-Man" Season 1 Coming to DVD via Warner Archives on January 31, 2012. I haven't see this show. Is it any good?
  11. copper20

    Tom and Jerry on Boomerang

    Explain to me why they keep showing the Dietch/Jones/Filmation ones instead of the classic 1940-1958 shorts. These are terrible shorts, which include crummy animation, bad jokes, etc. This has been bugging me for a long time. Today I counted them and a whole hour was filled with 6 jones...

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