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  1. SoundDestroyer

    Disney November 2021 Premieres Schedule

    I just realized nobody making this, so its my turn, i guess. Disney Channel Amphibia 06 Nov 09:30AM (306) Mr. X / Sprig's Birthday 13 Nov 09:30AM (307) Spider-Sprig / Olivia & Yunan 20 Nov 09:30AM (308) Hollywood Hop Pop / If You Give a Frog a Cookie 27 Nov 09:30AM (309) Froggy Little Christmas...
  2. SoundDestroyer

    Ben 10: Ben Gen 10 (4/10/2021) Talkback

    Nobody did this so... I'm doing it. Welcome to talkback of... Ben Gen 10! Air Date: 04/10/2021, 10:00AM Plot: When Ben meets a young Generator Rex on the run from a hostile Providence, he must work through a series of misunderstandings, and defeat the dark wizard Hex in order to save the world...
  3. SoundDestroyer

    The Best and Worst of Cartoon Network in 2010

    We are near the end of 2020. This year CN was pretty meh. But let's go back 10 years ago, when CN was way better before the jumped the shark. What are your favourite shows, episodes, best and worst choices do you think CN made in 2010? P.S; Don't lock this thread, it's just for nostalgia
  4. SoundDestroyer

    Yo-Kai Watch-the Dead Horse of Disney XD?

    So here's an interesting research regarding Yo-Kai Watch,which is an example of dead anime franchise in America. Yo-Kai Watch was an acquired anime by Disney XD that began to air on October 5,2015,a year and 8 months after series debuted in Japan. The first 5 episodes of anime aired at 5 PM as a...
  5. SoundDestroyer

    Where can i find cartoon episodes straightly recorded from TV?

    So Toonsters,I have a really big problem! Does anybody know a website to watch cartoons,but during the TV Broadcast? ( The simple example is a SpongeBob episode recorded from Nickelodeon,with tv rating,logo screenbug,SSC,etc). For an example I watched first 3 episodes of Ben 10:Ultimate Alien...

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