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  1. J10

    United States of America is moving to DVB-T2

    As of now on, America will no longer air in ATSC, and is now transiting to DVB-T2, for terrestrial broadcasting. This has been announced by the FCC, as of today. Congratulations to the United States for this switch, as from now on, it’ll start from Channel 1 instead of Channel 2 or even 2.1...
  2. J10

    VH1 US has been switched to VH1 Europe

    Today, VH1 USA, and without any announcement from ViacomCBS, is no longer available and is now switched to VH1 Europe/Global, which fully airs music 24/7. The content of the channel, which is mostly unrelated to music, has moved to MTV and Paramount+, and also Comedy Central.
  3. J10

    BBC is banned in the United States

    Due to the President of the US refusing to answer the reporter of the BBC as it’s shown in the past few months ago on the BBC and refuses the interview, it has been announced that BBC America and BBC World News, and also BBC Arabic and BBC Persian are now banned from broadcasting in the United...
  4. J10

    CNN joins BBC News Channel

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM WARNERMEDIA: Today, tune in to CNN at 1AM EST, so they’ll handover the signal to BBC News Channel, for the first time ever. For more CNN coverages over the hour and particularly at midnight, watch CNN International with Amanpour and all of the team live from London...
  5. J10

    WTBS is back again to WarnerMedia

    WarnerMedia announces that WTBS is back to its ownership, and this time the channels will be as following: 17.1 TBS (replacing WPCH) 17.2 CN/TCM (replacing Court TV) 17.3 Boomerang/Adult Swim (replacing Circle) 17.4 TNT (replacing WPCH-SD) 17.5 CNN International/CNN US
  6. J10

    Murdoch Family selling their FOX Channels

    Murdoch Family decided to buy their FOX Corporation Channels to other owners, and said that it’ll no longer belong to them from now on. The following channels to be sold will be as following: FOX News and FOX Business will be sold to Comcast and will be merged with MSNBC to become Sky News...
  7. J10

    Sky News America

    Sky News America is about to be launched in couple of weeks, as MSNBC will no longer be available, and that the new channel will be different from the previous and similar to Sky News UK.
  8. J10

    Sky Ireland (Eire)

    Sky Ireland (ROI) has split from Sky UK. Now, a new service has occured, and will be available on Hotbird and Eutelsat 9B (& Ka-Sat). These are the channels that'll exist on the package. Most of them are now international (e.g European & Global feeds) or localized feeds, instead of airing...
  9. J10

    The Warner Bros. Club/Boomerang Forum April Fools 2020 Megathread

    Boomerang has reverted back to the European logo. In addition, the European logo is new to the US. The US version moves the logo to the top and keeps it during ads, and adds the at&t logo beside the logo.
  10. J10

    Telemundo and Spread of Piracy

    Telemundo's rights was stolen it's rights through the Middle East. Not only beIN SPORTS MENA complains, but also the Spanish-language channel in the US was being stoplen and pirated. NBCUniversal says its broadcast of 2018 World Cup games have been illegally distributed in the Middle East and...

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