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    Herman and Katnip and Harveytoons DVD sets

    Wow I'm so happy my information is still here. I was a regular here with the crowd that became Golden Age Cartoons, and the crowd that was the Big Cartoon Database before the Toonzone years. I realize there is probably a reference thread or something somewhere with these basic questions but...
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    What was the shortlived Western with fat woman and the headless man (ghost?) in the cave?

    I've been trying to figure this out for forever. I clearly remember the fat woman and the headless figure. The fat woman had an accent and the headless thing appeared in 1 episode, leading men on horses through a forest. This came on right after The Young Riders ended. I remember that because I...
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    Gif questions

    I have a gif that I want to make smaller than 8 MBs without losing any frames or video quality lol! I made it at a place called gifsforum. It was the first youtube to gif site that I could find which actually after going through many since Gifsoup took a dump. Gifsforum didn't have an option for...
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    Are there any lawyers here?

    I have to go see mine tomorrow but he doesn't know it yet. He'll be "busy" and we'll have to do an appointment later in the week. I got CANNED Monday because some corporate level jerk at Scholastic Bookfairs saw my file on a computer screen and decided I couldn't work there anymore. That's in...
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    Bowflex dumbbells

    Does anybody own a set of these? I'm not asking about any of the screwy gadgets they have on TV, I'm asking about the dumbbells. The dumbbells look like they're, well, actually dumbbells and not some gimmick. I'm looking to atleast get some curls in to puff up my arms after I dropped 20 pounds.
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    Joe Satriani help

    What was that last Joe Satriani song that got scant airplay into the early 90s? I know your saying HOW AM I SUPPOSSED TO KNOW when the song of obviously has no lyrics but it was the last song of his that got on the radio a few times. It ended with a fadeout, also. I've listened to countlees...
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    Postal employees?

    Anyone work or the post office? How hard is the exam? Employees know what I'm asking about I presume.
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    More Pac Man questions

    What PS2 or Xbox games include the arcade version of Pac Man that you can beat with a Gameshark? I have the Namco Museum collection but you can't shark bite that one. I want to see that screen go all nutty :D I've been at gamefaqs piddling for an answer but every reviewer there covers technical...
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    Thundercats DVD set question

    When the first one first came out, there was a screw up on a disk. They set up a replacement program which actually delivered unlike some of the other "programs" that they've had (Tom n Jerry). I'm positive I read that. I don't remember where though so searching was no good. I'm wanting to get...
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    TMNT questions

    I recently caught an ep of this for the first time. I was a huge fan of these guys and actually have the first DVD of the classic. I thought it was pretty dang good and I might end up trying to keep up with the series. I'm a tad lost though. I *think* this was a futuristic episode or a dream...
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    Favorite Wrestling Matches

    I know this has probably been done more than once but I missed it. It's good to do this occassionally anyway. What are yours? Here are mine... The Steiners vs Sting and Lex Luger from Superbrawl 91 - Absolutely awesome match that I have deep rooted sentimental values with. Regardless though...
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    TNA Rant

    This is a rant. you've been warned. I'd forgot that there was some wrestling discussion here. Most of you probably already know what I'm about to say but here goes. TNA suuucks! Russo is an idiot and that ring is annoying. I could live with it though if they could just get some of the other...
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    Anyone work at Home Depot?

    I hope to get a job there. This is a big deal to me. I don't mean to get cheesy on yall but this is so huge to me since I've never had a "real" job. I've definitely worked hard and am a good man but I've never ever had a real job. I've worked for my family for my whole life, including 6 years of...
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    How do you enter codes manually on a Gameshark?

    Anybody have a link or anything? I've been messing with it for an hour but it keeps saying I have no cheats selected. I've tried with 2 different versions. Slim model PS2....
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    Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for

    I'm stuck in the snow covered mountains that are just above the small tent village that you get to after fighting Maleck for the first time. I've been in every cave a hundred times. I can't find anywhere else to go. What did I miss? Where?
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    Battle dang toads

    I'm stuck in level 8. I can do the bikes and the snakes with my eyes shut but I tell ya level 8 is impossible. The third wheel that you have to outrun is where I'm stuck. At one point, you have to swim or jump through a fairly long water section (water slows you down of course) then jump up to...
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    Internet problems

    I get the "cannot find server" message whenever I try to sign into ebay or hotmail....!?!?!?! Can anyone help? I'm with Earthlink and troubleshooting service with them has been slow in the past.
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    NES with "new pins"?

    What is this I keep seeing on ebay? There's always a few of these Nintendos there with new pins that are supossed to stop that blinking. Anyone have one? Does it work? I hope so because my Yobo emulator thing isn't cutting it. Certain games don't go over well in general and in some the cheats...
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    Rocky? Nah. Rambo~!

    I haven't seen this posted here but Rocky 6 is coming and will be follwed by Rambo. Rocky 6 is getting all the hype, and while those were good, Rambo was the best. I absolutely love those movies. They are my all time favorites. I realize that the legacy is in danger of being wasted here but if...
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    Anybody like pecans?

    This year's harvest is on and they're for sale :D That's what I do. I can set you up if you want to buy some.

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