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  1. Pooky

    Question RE: Roddy McDowall as Snowball (P&TB)

    I remembered reading back in the late 90s that Roddy McDowall had passed away before he had finished recording his lines for the Brainwashed episode, which was why Snowball’s fate was so abrupt. However, looking it up now he actually passed away a month after the episode aired. Had I...
  2. Pooky

    Crash Bandicoot "4": It's About Time

    Trailer[\url] Looks good. I'm pleased to see Crash (and Ratchet and Clank) move away from relying on nostalgia, even if this is banking somewhat on fondness for the PS1 games.
  3. Pooky

    Tiger Electronics Games coming back Anyone have fond memories of these? I kind of do, even though they palled next to the Game & Watch series, let alone any half-decent Game Boy game. Not sure they'd have much appeal now, but I might pick up the...

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